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MSC Clinical Microbiology Personal Statement Turkish

MSC Clinical Microbiology Personal
MSC Clinical Microbiology Personal Purpose Statement Turkish Example

I hold an undergraduate degree in Biology and a master's degree in Toxicology from my native Turkey and I have now been living in London for more than a year. My central interest is public health from a chemical perspective – Clinical Microbiology.

I have been falling very much in love this past year with London and its vast resources, the city itself, the West; especially academia. I see your MSc Programme in Clinical Microbiology at XXXX University’s London School of XXXX as the optimal springboard upon which to grow professionally as an international solider against contagious disease, especially as far as it relates to Turkey.

Of course, given the number of Turkish people living in Europe and the constant traffic between Turkey and Europe - especially these days in the form of political refugees - there is much work to be done with respect to safeguarding public health in Europe as well as Turkey. I crave responsibility and I think that by the time that I have completed your rigorous master's program, I will be able to make important contributions in Clinical Microbiology that will continue for my lifetime and beyond.

MSC Clinical Microbiology Personal
MSC Clinical Microbiology Personal Purpose Statement Samples, Editing Service

I could not be happier with my decision to dedicate my life to the study of issues in Clinical Microbiology. I became fully immersed in and quite addicted to this area of study as a master's student in Microbiology authoring my thesis about salmonella typhimurium organisms. In fact, I look forward to the fullest of all lifetimes of ongoing study about and publication concerning the development of antibiotic resistance against contagious disease. This is what I find myself reading about most frequently in literature, daily.

Most recently, I have become alarmed by the fact that typhoid, measles, and poliomyelitis have been reported in Turkey - for the first time in almost 40 years – something which is attributed to the swelling numbers of refugees. This represents an enormous threat, particularly to children who are highly vulnerable to contagion at school. All of this is helping to drive anti-refugee sentiment in Turkey. I am proud of my country for accepting so many refugees and being willing to serve as the primary base of operations for their care, even if it did so largely because it had little-to-no other choice. What I want to do is fight disease and contagion, keeping everyone safe, including the refugees, whoever the carriers might be.

MSC Clinical Microbiology Personal
MSC Clinical Microbiology Professional Personal Purpose Statement Editing Service

Your Clinical Microbiology MSc Programme at XXXX is for me the ideal programme to drive my career forward as a soldier in the cause of public health, preparing me to assume increasing levels of responsibility in the struggle against contagious disease. I am very much looking forward, in particular, to studying under Professor XXXX. I find Professor XXXX’s research in infectious disease and microbiology to be enormously inspiring. Microbiology is the area that I know best and the field that generates the greatest of passions deep within me. I become glued to my research and stay with it like a bulldog that does not let go until the opponent is vanquished. I look forward to a long and very prosperous lifetime fully immersed in the study of antimicrobial resistance and how infectious diseases are best diagnosed and treated.

I appreciate very much the fact that your program at XXXX University is one of the leading universities in the UK and especially famous for its success in the Medical Sciences. Walking hand in hand with the unsurpassed quality of your curriculum and faculty is the fact that graduates of your university have among the very highest rates of employability.

I am more comfortable and happier in the laboratory than anywhere else. I look forward to serving as a research assistant as well as conducting my own research to the extent to which I can do so. I adore teamwork and look forward to making valuable contributions to team efforts.

As a master's student I authored my thesis on mutagenic-carcinogenic issues. The battle against cancer is also a central part of a global struggle that I see as my own, but I do not wish to focus exclusively on that area; rather, I seek to understand cancer as one piece of a larger puzzle.

I look forward to achieving a vast enhancement of the great deal that I already know about Fundamental and Industrial Microbiology, Disease Control, Cancer Research, and most of all Clinical Microbiology so as to have the optimal springboard for launching me on the way to my maximum contribution to human wellbeing through the creation of new treatments for a variety of different diseases.

Thank you for your consideration of my application.

MSC Clinical Microbiology Personal Statement Turkish


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