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Additional Responses for Application to a Master's Program in HRM


The MHRM Program at XXXX University is the only program to which I am applying. My heart is set on attending your master's program because XXXX is where I want to learn HR. I am currently finishing my undergraduate studies in Human Resources at XXXX, and I have an enormous respect for my teachers; thus, I hope very much to continue to learn from them on a graduate level.

For the last several years, studying primarily Human Resources as an undergraduate student at XXXX, my appreciation for the faculty in HR at XXXX has grown incrementally, as result of their profound enthusiasm for their subject matter, their intense passion for improving the workplace, and the richness and texture of the experiences which they take delight in sharing. A student from China, XXXX has become like a second home and culture for me and I feel very strongly that my performance as a graduate student would be greatly enhanced if I were to be able to remain at XXXX for Graduate School, continuing to take advantage of the social support base that I have been cultivating here since my arrival.

As a graduate student in HR at XXXX, I fully intend to also branch out and broaden my understanding of many issues in the business world that are closely related to HR. In this way, I will be able to develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the nature and operations of companies and financials and the complex ways that they are related to the people involved. I look forward to an especially close study of the ability to influence, persuade and sell, the arts of project management and plan execution and quantifying success. I am particularly interested in compensation and managing rewards systems, an area of special emphasis at XXXX.

Finally, I very much appreciate the diversity of the student population at XXXX University as this helps me to cultivate global perspectives. I am becoming more empathetic and humane because of the integration of so many varied opinions and platforms, exploring and understanding the world views of others, with special attention always to those that are quite different from my own historical perspectives, under constant flux and evolution in progressive directions.

Thank you for considering my application.

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for the HRM Degree


My first degree is in Chemistry which calls for an analytical and highly disciplined approach to often complex problems. These skills apply to many disciplines, but they fit particularly well with HR work. Whilst I enjoyed my work as a chemist during that time, I developed an interest in assisting others to achieve their career potential and in the ‘bigger picture’ of how an organization can best train, employ and develop its staff. It was for this reason that I sought and found employment in the field of training, which I have enjoyed. I am a ‘people person’ who has natural empathy and who gets on well with others.

I am now seeking to enter a field where my natural characteristics and acquired skills can be fully employed. I am sure that I have the necessary enthusiasm and passion to benefit from this course and to bring interesting insights to other students from my background. It is my hope eventually, to apply the knowledge gained from the course, together with the skills that I have developed to date and my natural characteristics in assisting smaller companies and their employees to achieve their potential by the application of effective human resource policies. 

HRM and Diversity

Diversity and HR professionals share many of the same approaches to solving problems and improving their workplaces. However, experts say they could do a better job aligning their efforts. I will make the most of diversity in your statement, as this will be a key factor in your admission. 

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