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Sample 1st Paragraphs for the MHA Personal Purpose Statement


I write this letter in support of my application to your distinguished Masters Program in Health Administration at XXXX University with great conviction that your program is the best place for me to prepare myself for a new future as a healthcare professional. A young woman from Nigeria who is a very hard-working student, I have 7 years of professional experience in the banking sector that has enabled me to excel in public relations and communications, as I have practiced skills in these areas. I also have an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry which provides me with a solid academic foundation to undertake further study in the area of health care since I adore research in this area and I feel strongly that I have the drive and discipline to excel as a graduate student.

My first love has always been high technology, especially anything having to do with the computer and IT.  I work in a community hospital where I help to manage our day-to-day IT operations, everything ranging from desktop support to Healthcare Security Implementation (HIPPA). I ask for admission to your distinguished Master’s Program at XXXX University to that I might increasingly contribute more to my hospital and my community. I am especially excited to work in this area because of the vast opportunity for improvement and innovation in our field and I hope very much to spend the next several decades engaged in cutting-edge research concerning how we can continue to constantly improve our information systems in hospital settings


My two greatest inspirations that have me convinced that I can excel in your distinguished and competitive MHA Program at XXXX University, my volunteer work, on the one hand, and my professional work on the other. I have volunteered at the XXXX Children’s Hospital where I not only interact with children, mostly doing crafts, but I have also increasingly come to be quite useful to this hospital with respect to business operations and clerical work—all of which I love. Most of all perhaps, what drives me forward and excites me the most is the sheer joy of serving as part of a healthcare team. Nowhere is this need for excellence in teamwork more evident to me than in my day-to-day work for a neuroscience institute where I serve as a surgical technologist. The teamwork itself is what I most cherish; thus, I think I would be a natural as an MHA professional since health care organizations cannot succeed without a great deal of teamwork.

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