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Graduate School Chemistry Personal Purpose

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How do you think a graduate degree from MSE at XXXX will help you achieve your career goals in 5-10 years? (for videotaping)



My name is XXXX and I am applying for the MSE Master's Program. I have always believed that one’s academic preparation is foundational for the level of professional skill to which one aspires, especially in a highly competitive employment environment. I see the MSE Department at XXXX as the optimal springboard to propel me forward to the realization of my dreams as a materials engineer because of the vast experience of the professors in your program and the fact that you attract many of the best students in the world. I crave the interdisciplinary character of your program since it draws from a variety of fields of study. I plan to excel in more than one field, thus helping me to be competitive on the job market. In addition, the MSE Department at XXXX has strong connections with many famous companies, such as my dream company General Electric; and the XXXX alumni network is spread all over the world which could also help me find the most suitable job with the most advanced company. Earning the MS Degree at the world-famous XXXX, is not only a process of learning, but also a test of my fortitude, diligence, and critical thinking skills.

Sample 1st Paragraphs

A chemist from Iran where I completed both my undergraduate and then master's degree in chemistry, I immigrated first to Canada where I am a permanent legal resident and now, I am working in Houston Texas. I hope to return to graduate school here in the USA and it would be a great honor for me to be accepted to the PHD Program in Chemistry at XXXX University since I have made excellent professional strides working as a research chemist in industry for the past several years here in the West.

Born and raised in China, I am a hard worker and a devoted student, demonstrated by the fact that I will soon be finishing my BS in Chemistry in the USA with a 3.8 GPA. I will also finish with a minor in history, a result of my wide ranging intellectual interests that include math and philosophy as well as the physical sciences. Nonetheless, it is in the field of Material Science that I seek to make my professional mark in life and my optimal contribution to the development of humanity. XXXX University is my first choice to earn the PHD Degree in Materials Science because of the sheer excellence of your program as well as its location.

I am a Chinese woman, 23, who will be finishing her BS in Chemistry in Puerto Rico in May of 2014. I would like very much to begin your prestigious program for fall semester of next year. Your program is my first choice for graduate school both because of the excellence of your program and the thoroughgoing nature of your curriculum, but also the fact that U of XXXX is in an area of XXXX with many Spanish speakers and this language, my third language, has become near and dear to my heart. Thus, I look forward to enhancing the diversity of your program not just as a Chinese student, but a Chinese student who is fluent in Spanish.

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