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MS Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Middle-Eastern

MS Chemical Engineering Personal
MS Chemical Engineering Personal Purpose Statement Middle-Eastern Sample

I am a 28-year-old woman from Kuwait who is typical of a new generation of Middle Eastern women that are striking out in the business world and carving out a niche for themselves. Physical Science has been my specific area of life research for many years since childhood. Chemistry, in particular, has always been my mystery of choice. For this reason, and my fervid desire to help my country and the rest of the Middle East to develop economically, I have my heart set on the long-term goal of opening my own factory and manufacturing chemicals.

At this point in my career, I need preparation for and experience in the chemical industry that will serve as a foundation for life-long learning and investment in chemicals and the great promise that they hold for development and lifestyle improvements. I deeply admire the research taking place at XXXX University and I hope very much to attend your program since I see it as representing the academic forefront of all the many things that I am most eager to learn.

MS Chemical Engineering Personal
MS Chemical Engineering Personal Purpowe Statement Examples, Writing Help

Currently employed as a Petroleum Engineer with XXXX Oil Company, I work with the drilling team, and I oversee the Cement Unit. Beginning in December of 2009, I spent the first three months with XXXX Oil working alongside the drilling operation teams, monitoring and handling the rigs while I attended training courses at Kuwait University. For two years now, I have been working with the Cement Engineering Unit. My position includes cement job programming & slurry designing as well as regularly updating our Standardized Cementing Policy.

I particularly enjoy that part of my job where I have an opportunity to participate in planning, reviewing proposals from Cement companies, analyzing job performance, and coordinating laboratory testing. My colleagues have complimented my natural abilities in resource allocation, cost estimation, and invoicing procedures.

MS Chemical Engineering Personal
MS Chemical Engineering Personal Purpose Statement Writing and Editing Service

I find my greatest joy helping my company to adopt innovative technology after appropriate evaluation and cost-benefit analysis. I really get excited about job forecasts, working closely with Planning and Operations. It is important for me to stay proactive in my constant scanning for potential cement issues, and I stay current about all innovative technologies

that are relevant for cementing.

I am convinced that XXXX University represents the innovative education in my field and will provide me with the optimal foundation for advancement in my field, petroleum engineering.

Thank you for your consideration of my application to your program. 

MS Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Middle Eastern


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