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Answer to Additional Question from the PHD Social Work Program


Throughout the course of my doctoral studies at U_, I will continue to make progress at the development of a more in-depth and sophisticated understandings of public health issues and become increasingly skilled as an independent researcher able to effectively lead research teams in the study of how to best prevent mental health disorders. I see the doctoral degree as both knowledge and power, both necessary to adequately confront the intractable public health challenges facing us today, particularly with respect to underserved populations.


A doctoral degree is, for me, the leverage needed to undertake and excel in leadership positions, advocating for and implementing health-promotion policies. As a doctoral student at U_, I want to learn how to best develop, implement and evaluate measures and interventions designed to assess and meet the mental health needs of communities around the world, with a focus on underserved populations. My interests include racial/ethnic disparities in mental health disorders, social risk factors for mental health, and need assessments and intervention research for trauma-affected youth and their families. 


At _____ University I seek a full immersion experience in the methods and principles that are needed to identify cross-cultural and contextually relevant social causes of mental and behavioral disorders; and contributing to research concerning the implementation of preventative interventions in real-world settings. I am convinced that earning the PHD Degree from your highly esteemed program will allow me to fulfill my goals and assume an instrumental role in the development of more effective healthcare systems for underserved populations. I want to put what I learn about methodology to work, gain additional research experience, and engage directly with some of the most important questions of my community, laboring towards a resolution of some of the most pressing issues of our day related to health care access for predominantly racial/ethnic minority communities. 

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