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Grad School in Agriculture Personal Statement

Sample First Paragraph for the master's degree in Agriculture


Your master's degree program in Agricultural Economics at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school primarily because of my appreciation of and enthusiasm for your focus on natural resource economics and especially environmental sustainability since these areas are urgently relevant to the perils faced by agriculture in my native country, Nigeria. As a result of earning the MSc Degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of XXXX, I hope to become well on my way to innovative expertise concerning the foremost challenges faced by agriculture in the Global South, especially Nigeria.

MS Agriculture Sample First Two Paragraphs

Now 25 years old and a hardworking scientist, I am a young woman who has come of age in times of great challenges mixed with great hope. By the time that I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology I was already focused on the subject of food science, and I have worked since then for a biotech laboratory doing research and development in this area.  The most important aspect of my life at this point is my study of how to best go about increasing our global supply of nutritious foods in the face of the changing climate conditions brought about primarily by global warming. I am frightened for humanity, on the basis of my studies, that we might someday freeze and/or starve ourselves to death by our mismanagement of our resources. I have a special ongoing interest in particular in protein and the study of how it is best attained through agriculture.

I hope to be accepted to your singular and outstanding Masters Program in Agriculture at XXXX University on the basis of my intense passion for this area of study combined with my solid academic formation and already extensive professional experience. I take pride in my optimism, sense of humor, and the diversity of my intellectual development. I am pleased to live in America in an age where we have a President who has put climate change and clean energy at the top of his agenda. I am also excited by the just-released encyclical of Pope Francis calling us to hold ourselves to account for the realities of tomorrow and to harness science to the preservation rather than the destruction of our species and planetary home.

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