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Food Science and Safety Personal Statements and Statements of Purpose for Graduate School, Writing and Editing Service Samples, Help

Graduate School in Food Science

 Sample 1st Paragraphs


I come from India, where the need to make advances in Food Science is much more personal. I do not need to travel far to see those who suffer acutely from science’s real but limited advances in Food Science to date and who I seek to assist by extending its application to the direct improvement of their lives. I am convinced that my academic record, research experience and genuine passion for this specialty equip me both to add value to the program and to assist in successful projects that will improve countless lives.

A hardworking student from Nigeria, I will be completing my MBA next year in England and this has prepared me to think about my passion, agriculture, and animal sciences, in terms of their business potential in Africa. Pleased that both public and private sectors of my country are finally beginning to de-emphasize some extant oil extraction and to again invest time and resources in agriculture, I seek to combine the strengths of my undergraduate education and previous professional experience in Nigeria with the MBA that I am currently earning so that I might excel as a graduate student in your particularly distinguished MSC Program in Animal Science and Fisheries at XXXX University.

My dream is to play an essential role in local organizations which are focused on implementing best practices to minimize food borne illnesses, sustainable food development, minimize food waste, and ensure that everyone in our community has access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food.  In addition, as a volunteer, I wish to help at risk or marginalized children to learn how to grow up healthy, happy and grateful.

My principal pass times are ballet and music, especially piano, all of which seem quite spiritual to me. In the material world, my focus is on nutrition and food science, although the spiritual and physical worlds come together for me on a personal level; as a dancer I have always been sensitive to the way that food made an impact on my body. I have distinguished myself as an undergraduate student in Food Science and Engineering in my native China and matured and advanced a great deal because of my experience as an exchange student with the University of Nottingham in 2015. I have my heart set on attending your distinguished master's Program in Food Science at XXXX University for many reasons, especially your appreciation and advocacy of diversity and global perspectives.

The Ethics Behind Food Science

I am especially interested in contemporary ethical issues of food, agricultural and life sciences, and particularly policy making in these areas. I have had the privilege of working on behalf of members of professional organizations focusing on food and agriculture such as the European Society for Agriculture and Food Ethics, the Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society (USA), and the European Federation of Biotechnology.

 Food Science Personal Purpose Statement
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