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TESOL Teaching English as a Second Language

Personal Statements and Statements of Purpose for Graduate School, Writing and Editing Service

Graduate School TESOL Personal Statement

Sample 1st Paragraphs


A young Chinese woman who completed her undergraduate studies last year, 2016, in the areas of Mathematics and Finance, TESOL represents a career change. I have fallen very much in love with my current professional position as a language teacher in an after-school program teaching English to immigrant Chinese-speaking children. Thus, despite majoring in another area, I have long been interested in language and, in fact, served as a TA for a class in Chinese Linguistics. I teach Mandarin to Americans and English to Chinese people – serving as a professional bridge between are two societies. During my undergraduate study, I was a TA for our Chinese Linguistic class. I have also done one-on-one tutoring, to provide help for Americans. 


I take special delight in learning new languages, especially as far as this helps me to appreciate diverse cultures. When I was a child, I especially loved learning English in the way that most children do in Iran: coloring books, songs, imitating our teachers. Much of my teenage years were spent in English, music, watching movies, mimicking the singers, how they expressed their feelings, showed their sorrow; gradually becoming increasingly sensitive to the critical roles of cultural and societal norms. I have always excelled at the English language among my peers, which is why I want to devote myself professionally to this area.

TESOL MA Grad School Personal Purpose Statement
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