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Engineer Personal Statement Samples

Sample 1st Paragraphs


I am a young man from Nigeria, and I have completed my undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering last year. I am deeply passionate about helping my country to prosper. I have chosen to build a career in oil and gas exploration because this is Nigeria’s greatest economic resource and the principal hope that we must develop as a nation. I am also concerned, however, with the preservation of our environment. This is what I see as the strongest aspect of my application to your competitive scholarship program, my dedication to the goal of proceeding to develop Nigeria’s vast energy resources in sustainable ways that will allow our children and grandchildren to prosper at the same time that we protect our environment, our soil, and, most importantly, the health of our people. I look forward to struggling throughout my entire professional life to meet the urgent challenges that Nigeria faces in the development of its oil and gas industry. I join with others in insisting that we establish an oil and gas industry council to discuss pertinent issues affecting the entire petroleum industry in Nigeria. Of special importance from my perspective is the development of Indigenous Nigerian entrepreneurs that will spur economic diversification.

Engineering Graduate School Personal Purpose
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