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Mechanical Engineering Masters Personal Statement India

Mechanical Engineering Masters Personal Purpose Samples
Mechanical Engineering Masters Personal Purpose Statement

As fossil fuels are gradually exhausted, science searches for cheap, renewable, and ‘clean’ alternatives. There can be few scientific endeavors that are more important for the common future of humanity and I am passionate in my desire to become a part of this work and to play an important role in identifying the best alternatives appropriate to each nation’s local physical assets and conditions, and in designing the plant necessary to maximize their utility.  I hope to demonstrate that I have the background, academic potential and, most importantly, the passion for the specialty that will enable me to ‘add significant value’ to the program, to its research and to the specialty in my future career.

I come from a family of engineers. I attended a specialist engineering high school and graduated top of my class with a score of 98.4% in my final examinations. My fascination with the ways in which things work, and how they might be improved, began early, and developed into a passion.  I now seek to acquire the high-level skills and knowledge to enable me to be an international authority and catalyst in exploiting renewable and sustainable energy sources and in their efficient usage. I have the personal characteristics, natural aptitude, enthusiasm, and determination to enable me to achieve this extremely ambitious goal.

I am about to complete my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at ____ University. I have assisted in several research projects relating to renewable energy. I have also acquired experience working in various engineering roles and in various industries before pursuing my bachelor's degree. I believe that these academic and professional experiences have provided an excellent base which will enable me to profit extensively from the program and to ‘add value’ to it.

Studying in England has enabled me to see at close hand technologies relating to sea and wind power which contrast with the situation in my home country in which solar power appears to be the most obvious way of overcoming the future failure of fossil fuels. It is enormously exciting to see innovative ideas being investigated and the wide range of possibilities that exist.

Mechanical Engineering Masters Personal Statement Samples
Mechanical Engineering Masters Personal Statement Examples

Clearly research is the key to progress in a specialism that is still so new. Excellent researchers will be needed to identify and lead worthwhile projects. I recognize that the characteristics of an excellent researcher are rare, that they must not only possess elevated level practical and theoretical skills but also the ability to think creatively and originally, to take a highly analytical approach to data and to be able to frame the right questions to gather usable information. A researcher is also an effective team member/leader who recognizes the need for cross-disciplinary co-operation. I possess the basic characteristics and attitudes of a first-class researcher and I am determined to develop these within the program and throughout my future career.

I am aware that skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm are not, in themselves, sufficient to achieve the timely and radical changes that are required. Governments and industries naturally look to their own interests, agendas and timetables which may not coincide with those required for the common good and so real and urgent progress in this field will only be achieved by experts who are aware of the ‘political’ obstacles, both actual and potential, to its achievement and who have acquired skills that transcend the purely practical. As someone who aspires to leadership in the field, I am determined to acquire and develop the skills in leadership, diplomacy, and public education to enable me to become as persuasive an envoy of progress in the field as possible.

It is also clear that a multi-disciplinary approach is going to be vital. As a Mechanical Engineer, I see the role of my specialty as basic and vital but certainly not the sole one required. Success will depend on those who are able to see which specialties can provide useful input and how different areas of expertise might interact most profitably. Such co-operation will certainly involve specialists in areas not considered particularly relevant in renewable energy until very recently, such as agronomists and in others not yet even identified.

Mechanical Engineering Masters
Mechanical Engineering Masters Samples

I have had the opportunity to travel widely in Europe and Asia. I speak Arabic, English and Hindi fluently. I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people from many social and ethnic backgrounds and look forward to extending this experience within the program. I seek to be a ‘well rounded’ person and I pursue a wide range of interests including playing soccer, building robots, calligraphy, poetry, and photography.

I am applying to your program because I see it as the closest ‘fit’ to enable me to achieve my goals. I am aware of the prestigious reputation of the faculty; the wide range of research being undertaken and the success of the program’s graduates in finding relevant employment. I am seeking a challenging and supportive academic environment and am sure that this will be provided. I am also determined to excel in the program and to bring the fruits of my own work to date.

To summarize: I have an excellent academic record with excellent knowledge in my own relevant specialty of Mechanical Engineering; I have relevant research experience; I have practical engineering experience in a variety of industries, and I have an excellent understanding of the progress made to date in the field.  However, my main recommendation is a genuine passion for the identification and the efficient exploitation of sources of renewable energy.

Thank you for considering my application.

Mechanical Engineering Masters Personal Statement India


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