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Sample 1st Paragraphs


I hope to excel in your distinguished program at XXXX University because I am a very highly motivated professional and an extremely hard worker. You program will build upon and amplify many of the things that I learned as an undergraduate student earning my BS in Family Studies and Early Childhood Development at XXXX University. Your program will prepare me for realizing my long-term goals in education, helping children with special needs. Currently, I am primarily a soldier. My education at XXXX will help me to better serve my country in many ways, especially after I retire from the military and return to my first love, teaching. My principal professional dream in life is to open an educational facility for special needs children in my home state of North Carolina and to help support their parents throughout the difficult challenges that they face. I owe most of my inspiration to my niece, with whom I have been especially close throughout the 13 years that she has been with us.

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