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Paciente con Asistencia sanitaria
Dr. Robert Foster Edinger

Dr. Robert Foster Edinger, Statement Writer and Editor

I finished my Ph.D. in Religion and Social Ethics at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in May 1995. (See my doctoral dissertation: ¨Gender, Violence, and Empire in Central America¨)! - online at USC). Since then, I have dedicated most of my efforts to helping others to have the opportunity for higher education or to be selected for a fellowship, scholarship, internship, or residency opportunity.  An eloquent statement can often make a difference, and I would be most pleased to help you. 

Most of my clients are people for whom English is a second language. Almost all are multilingual and many have extensive experience from outside the United States and are now applying to programs of higher education in America, Canada, England and Australia. I am convinced that one’s ethnicity, language skills, and multicultural experiences need to be woven together in an eloquent fashion in your Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose, or Letter of Intent/motivation, as interconnected themes that radiate throughout your admission essay. Your ethnic/racial and cultural backgrounds and international aptitudes are your greatest assets as an applicant, and they need to be carefully related to both your short and long term goals. I do everything that I can to make your statement as effective as possible. If you are able to afford my Premium Service, after a careful review of your material, I often ask you specific questions born from my many years of experience writing  statements for admission to graduate school. I am a seasoned expert concerning what is important to include, and what is not. I have also had a great deal of practice at condensing a lot of material into a very limited space limitation. (I like to think of it as brain surgery).

As a historian of social change in the Developing World who is fluent in Spanish, I have long been fascinated with Latin America, which is why I have made my home in Bolivia (in South America). I wrote my own doctoral dissertation on the role of women in Central American history, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, where I lived for many years. I am now a permanent resident of Bolivia and I live in Cochabamba with my son; we are at the exact center of the South American land mass. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America but it has an especially dynamic, largely indigenous culture.  Nowhere on the planet do people dance in the streets as they do in Bolivia. My own doctoral research was concerned primarily with the Cold War, especially in Latin America.


For over 30 years, I have stayed current on most of the news coming out of the Developing World, Africa and Asia as well as Latin America, especially human rights issues and political conflict. I have studied world religions and cultures extensively for decades. I am published in Spanish in the areas of history and gender studies. For the past 20 years, I have dedicated most of my energy laboring for the success of my clients and it is a privilege that I hope to continue for another quarter of a century or more.


I leave you with pictures of me with the princpal light of my life, my only child, David Dylan Edinger (now 12 years old).

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