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Biology in Graduate School personal statement samples

As someone with a PHD in Religion and Ethics, I am especially concerned with the way in which ethical judgments may heavily influence the success of applications that develop from many avenues of biological research. Sequencing the human genome, gene localization and identity, gene therapy, the creation and release of genetically engineered organisms, bioengineered pharmaceuticals, and ecosystem management of marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments, are all current and lively areas of applied research that call for cooperation and partnerships between biologists and many other professional and cultural groups in the community.

I take delight in the way in which the study of biology has an immediate relevance to our daily lives. It is important for everyone to develop an informed sense of how we may individually and collectively continue to fit into the complex ecology of our planet without rendering horrendous destruction. Some of the greatest engineering feats of the future are likely to involve bioengineering projects, particularly concerning the disposal of municipal and industrial wastes and the development of renewable resources.

Biology, as the Queen of the Physical Sciences, provides a special opportunity for creative statements that are carefully tailored to your long-term career plans. A master's degree in biology is a preferred strategy of prospective dentists and doctors alike, to beef up their credentials for entry into Dental or Medical School. It is a special honor for me to help clarify and eloquently express your goals, and the contribution that you will be capable of making if accepted to the program to which you are applying in Biology. Together, we are building a tomorrow that will slowly be freed from disease and suffering. My contribution will be helping you to get accepted, based on an especially eloquent explanation of your long-term plans and contribution to the study of biology.


Sample 1st 3 Paragraphs for the PHD in Biology


An experienced dentist from India who has been making my home in America for the last several years, I seek additional advanced training here in the USA in order to re-enter the workforce as a professional research scientist fully dedicated to fighting oral disease. Towards this end, I hope to earn the MS Degree in Oral Biology at the University of XXXX.

In January of 2013 I completed a Preceptorship Program in Periodontics at UXXX, where I had the enormous privilege of contributing to ongoing research concerning various areas of Community, Public Health and Health Services Research. I have a special interest in Microbe-Host Interactions and Immunology, Stem Cell Biology, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. I am especially proud of my collaboration with a colleague that resulted in a dental app which facilitates communication between specialists and patients for the diagnosis of oral lesions in communities where not many specialists are available.

In addition to actively participating in numerous free dental camps for poor rural children, I also helped to run training programs for primary school teachers so that they would be able to teach good dental hygiene to their students. I have served as a volunteer assistant on a variety of research projects including an immune-histochemical study of the distribution of fibronectin on healthy and diseased root surfaces. My principal research interests lie in the relationship between dental hygiene and oral pathology. I look forward to doing some of my class projects on India, in-depth analyses of oral pathology, unlocking the mysteries that lie beneath the suffering so as to move forward in the search for more effective ways to respond as a society to public oral health needs, here in America as well as in India, which has some of the highest oral cancer rates in the world.

Sample 1st Paragraphs

I was born in South Korea in 1979 to a family of humble farmers. Fortunately for me, as is the Korean way, my parents invested everything in their children’s education. Immigrating to the USA in 2002, as have many of my compatriots; what distinguishes me most from the rest of the applicant pool is that I am fluent in written as well as spoken Chinese, along with English and my native Korean. It is my sincere hope that my language capabilities in Chinese will open doors for me in terms of future professional opportunities as a scientist because of the critical importance of Korean/Chinese collaboration in scientific endeavors.

I look forward to a career in biomedical engineering because of the depth of my commitment to research. My short-term goal is to complete your distinguished master's Program that will provide me with the optimal background and experience to make important contributions to the development of bio instrumentation, especially as far as my native Nigeria might be able to contribute to this noble enterprise. My country, like the rest of Africa, is in desperate need of economic development and I would like to devote my professional lifetime to helping Nigeria to develop new directions and initiatives in the manufacture of biomedical engineering, especially bioinstrumentation devices.

As long as I can remember I have been intrigued by all living things, in fact, with life itself. This is why I will soon be completing my BS Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of XXX with a Minor in Chemistry. I am a young Saudi man who wants very much to become an international scientist on the front lines of our battles against infectious disease and I see your program as the ideal location to continue my studies towards my long term goal of making important contributions to the medical sciences.

I am most passionately engaged in the study of biomedical research, especially its potential for saving lives. Thus, I am applying to your doctoral program because I want very much to devote my professional life to the study of biology, with a constant eye towards doing everything that we can as biologists to contribute to the creation of new therapeutic agents. I am most comfortable and intrigued with the creative work being done on the frontiers between medicine and biology. I have been closely following the research initiatives, for example, of Dr. XXXX at UXXXX. While I was born in the USA, I am an Armenian woman, and I also greatly respect Dr. XXXX as a professional role model: a young Asian woman on the cutting edge of scientific advancement in California, renown for her struggle to save lives.

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