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Grad School Statement of Purpose Architecture

Sample First Paragraphs for a Graduate School Master's Degree in Architecture


I was awarded a 1:1 degree in Architectural Technology in 2012 and have been employed since graduation as an Inspection Engineer at the King Abdulaziz International Airport. I now wish to acquire the additional skills and knowledge to enable me to pursue career advancement and, ultimately, a Ph.D. and the combined roles of consultant, researcher, and teacher. I have loved art since as far back as I can recall but have also always been fascinated by the way things work and how they might be improved. Consequently, Architecture’s blend of engineering and aesthetics was a natural choice and I find it very fulfilling. My goal is to create utility and beauty using the best of classical design with the best of modern materials.

XXXX University in Australia is my first choice for graduate school because I see it as the forefront in design and representative of the many wonderful things that Australia stands for, as a leader and innovator in development world-wide, but especially in our part of the world, the South Pacific. I earned my BS in Architectural Studies at XXXX University in Australia, graduating in December of 2016. Returning to Australia for graduate school at XXXX would provide me with the optimal springboard to pursue and continue to build my career as an international architect with a broad experience base covering the best in architecture from Sydney to Hong Kong, my home.

Architecture Master's Degree Personal Purpose
Sustainable Green Architecture Personal Purpose
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