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linguistics phd personal purpose statement

Sample 1st Paragraphs


A young woman from Saudi Arabia, English has been my special love ever since I was a child and I am most pleased to have had the opportunity to live in the USA since 2010 and to earn my Masters Degree in TESOL. Now, in addition to preparing myself for a long career teaching English and teachers of English, I hope to contribute to my profession as a linguist and to publish in this area, with special attention to the challenges faced by Arabic speakers at learning English. I hope to develop a better understanding of the effect of cross-linguistics interface on language acquisition: especially with respect to semantic structure and syntactic variation. I am also very much interested in the correlation between language acquisition and identity. I look forward to serving as a professor in a university in a Linguistics or English Department. I want to be an active scholar in the area of linguistics, English, and second language acquisition, publishing articles and books that will contribute to overcoming obstacles faced by learners in a language acquisition process. 

I hope to continue to study at the MPhil/PhD level with a view to pursuing an academic career for the balance of my professional lifetime. My ultimate ambition is to be an academic / lecturer / professor specializing in phonology / syntax and world variations in English. I am also particularly keen to carry out research investigating traditional and formal syntax, phonology, and attitudes towards different native and non-native English accents. By completing this MA in linguistics, I am also determined to lead the discussion / arguments towards the recognition of Hong Kong English as a variety of English in its own right.

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