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sustainable real estate development personal statement

Sample Personal Statement of Purpose for a Master's Degree in Real Estate


During my studies towards the BBA Degree at Florida Atlantic University, I found myself enthralled by financial and real estate markets. I was drawn to these two fields because they are fast-paced and continually evolving, which makes the work challenging and exciting. Having spent the last year trading equity derivatives, I especially enjoy analyzing constantly changing macro environments and innovation, monitoring how fiscal policy affects markets at home in America and abroad. I have been paying especially assiduous attention to trends in the real estate industry over the course of the last couple of years because this is where my greatest passion lies. Hence, I have made the decision to apply to the Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate Program at Georgetown University, my first choice among graduate programs because of its sheer excellence, rigor, and comprehensive scope, providing me with a solid preparation for a lifetime of professional service in real estate. 

Remarkably close to my uncles while growing up, both architects, they let me tag along with them over the years to the sites that they were working on in Miami, and I could not have found it all more exciting. Thus, I found myself drawn to the idea, while still a child, of growing up to also build a satisfying career in real estate. Working in real estate leaves me satisfied that I have accomplished something tangible that serves to benefit the community.   It is important to be in a career where you genuinely love the work that you do, but also can enact positive change in the city, state or even country you live in. Earning the Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate at ____ University will allow me to leverage my entrepreneurial, analytical, and decision-making skills, going on to make my maximum contribution to my profession.  

Professional Studies in Real Estate is now my top priority and I have arranged my affairs to give your program my fullest, constant attention, 24/7. Coming from a finance background, I am looking forward to exploring the different areas of the real estate industry in depth, building new relationships, and engaging daily with some of the most knowledgeable professors in the industry. I am particularly excited about further developing my knowledge in low-income developments, multifamily rentals, structuring real estate investments, and having the opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals from around the globe. Following my graduation from ____, I intend to work in acquisitions for a private equity firm that specializes in either sustainability or affordable housing investments. While most challenging, nothing excites me more than the prospect of setting up the financing for commercial real estate transactions and getting to interact daily with a diverse group of people. Real Estate at ____ will inspire and enable me to fulfill my short-term goals of climbing the corporate ladder in the field of private equity, as well as laying the foundation for my long-term goal of becoming the managing director of a firm.


As the Treasurer of my fraternity, I managed a budget of over $100,000 in QuickBooks, led finance committee meetings, and produced monthly financial reports. I constantly used Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint in addition to Word, for classes such as Investment Analysis and Advanced Managerial Finance, where I was entrusted with creating pro-forma and discounted cash flow models for companies such as Lennar and Disney. I completed a Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp on Udemy and I am presently enrolled in a financial and valuation modeling course on Wall Street Prep. My overarching goal is to work on acquisitions and developments that have a positive social and environmental impact on the local community, including affordable housing for underserved communities.  

A central highlight of my career advancement so far was my internship with Westchester County’s Executive Offices in New York, where I worked on analytical assignments in the economic development office, performing research and preparing a variety of reports and proposals regarding economic development activities. This experience allowed me to experience and cultivate the magic of team building and better appreciate the importance of leadership. Weekly meetings with Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) helped me to refine my communication skills on a variety of levels. Rotating between the economic development and legislative offices, I learned how to integrate quickly into new operations.  


After finishing my undergraduate studies, COVID-19 hit and I began working as the bookkeeper for my stepfather’s doctor´s office, helping my family to adjust to pandemic restrictions. I also traded, however, on the side, and by September of 2020, I was trading equity derivatives full time. Throughout the pandemic period, I followed the impact of COVID-19 on financial and real estate markets, analyzing industry trends daily. I am now accomplished at consistently monitoring changes in macroeconomic data, to focus on favorable sectors and tactically position capital to take advantage of these developments. I have acquired broad-based business skills which will help me to solve unstructured problems as a graduate student. Whether working on academic, extracurricular, or professional projects, I apply proven analytical, leadership and communication strategies for success. Thus, I have full confidence that I will be able to distinguish myself and excel in Real Estate at ____.  

Thank you for your consideration of my application. 

Sample First Two Paragraphs for the BSC Degree in Real Estate

My central long-term goal is to provide cost-effective housing where luxury meets affordability in my native India. My dream project would be the development of a mega integrated residential township with sustainable construction, that is one with its environment. I want to learn how to build and market model communities that are distinguished for being healthy places to live as well as beautiful, futuristic initiatives powered by clean energy. I see your distinguished real estate program at XXXX University to be a leader in our field and I have the highest admiration for your curriculum. I seek the kind of rigorous immersion that you provide in the multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted world of real estate.

The strongest part of my application is my extensive experience in real estate in my native India, Bangalore. Now 41, I have been active in real estate for almost 20 years. From 2007 through 2010, I designed, built, and sold my own 10.5 acre villa project comprised of 70 exclusive villas ranging from 1500-2200 square feet. I was the first to introduce custom built Kerala style villas at affordable pricing in Bangalore. I am pleased to report that these villas are also now worth approximately 300% of the sale price in 2007. 

sustainable real estate development graduate school.
sustainable real estate development graduate school
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