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professional counselor personal purpose statement samples

Sample 1st Paragraph for the Personal Purpose Statement in Counseling


While I am a licensed pharmacist in my country, Saudi Arabia, and still only 23 years old, my closest friends and family members have all encouraged me to pursue the dream that I have in my heart, a career in counseling as I am a good listener and I find it easy to invest myself fully in helping someone meet the challenge at hand. I live to serve and to help people and being a really good listener has helped me as both a student and a volunteer. I think I would have something valuable to contribute to your program as a student, in particular, as a result of my experience as a volunteer in a number of health awareness campaigns, helping to raise awareness of the many challenges facing pharmacy and public health in my country.  As an experienced and highly professional pharmacist, I have learned to engage successfully with people from all walks of life and to always do so in a compassionate way.

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