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Masters Educational Counseling Personal Purpose Sample

Masters Educational Counseling
Masters Educational Counseling Personal Purpose Sample Statement of Purpose Help

For the past three years, I have been away from my true calling.  When I first entered higher education, my initial aim was to enter the field of counseling in an educational capacity.  Earning my graduate HR degree was a decision based on a belief that it would be a natural and logical progression from managerial/I-O Psychology, but the realities of HR work did not bring me the personal or professional satisfaction that I craved.  Issuing disciplinary actions or coldly determining who is to be laid off, and who can stay is not the contribution to society that I want to make.  I used to think that Human Resources work mattered, and it does, but not the way that our children do.  I feel fortunate that I have recognized this early on in my career and have decided in my life to accommodate the challenge and opportunity of attending XXXX’s Graduate School Counseling program.

Masters Educational Counseling
Masters Educational Counseling Personal Purpose Sample Personal Statement Editing Service

The two key areas of interest that I want to explore further are the No Child Left Behind Act as well as the specific social issues faced by children and adolescents.  Earning my MA in School Counseling will allow me to bring my renewed goals, ambitions, indeed, my dreams to fruition, namely working with children.  As a School Counselor, I envision working with a range of children, from elementary to high school.  There is a distinct need that I would enjoy filling, helping students focus on academic, personal/social and career development, issues that I feel are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  Focusing on these issues as a totality will prepare children to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society.  Impressing upon them the importance and their ability to contribute is of equal importance.  Empowerment builds self-efficacy and esteem.

Masters Educational Counseling
Masters Educational Counseling Personal Purpose Examples, Writing Service

 Additionally, any school counselor is a role model in a community, holding a position of trust, one that I take very seriously.  To this end, and to further connect with my community, I plan to supplement my professional career with active volunteerism.  Reaching out to kids and their parents through volunteer coaching of youth sports teams or through after-school programs would be an excellent way to achieve this, as well as reaching more children who may shy away from school counseling scenarios.

From the time I was 12 years old, I have been an independent babysitter, work that I continued throughout college, working for a child-sitting agency that serves the greater Dayton, Ohio area.  Balancing work and full-time undergraduate education developed, tested and proved my time management abilities.  More importantly, my introduction to counseling children came in a very unusual way, igniting a spark of passion for counseling that has stayed with me ever since.  In my senior year of high school, one of my teachers indicated that volunteers were needed for a facility in XXXX, Ohio called “Abilities First”, a program providing services to children and adults with disabilities, developmental delays, and other special needs.  I found myself giving all my energy to the work and was left wanting to give more.  The work was one of the main reasons for my pursuit of undergraduate Psychology education with the aim of serving the needs of children.

 I bring with me to the graduate counseling program a solid academic foundation in Psychology and Human Resources.  It is the lessons I have learned outside the lecture hall, though, that I feel are the most valuable, working and volunteering with children, and professional counseling experiences as a Human Resource Generalist.  The latter had me putting employees in touch with resources within our organization to assist them with reaching their career and developmental potential, not unlike the sensibilities of school counselors.

 XXXX University is my sole choice for further development.  The opportunity to engage in the school internship program and placement in local school districts is genuinely exciting, and strikes me as being the ideal learning environment, a classroom brought to life.  Additionally, from what I have heard and read of the faculty; many go beyond the call of duty to help their students.  I expect no less of myself and feel that these are the types of professors I want to learn from.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

Masters Educational Counseling Personal Purpose Sample


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