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MSc Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Korean

Updated: May 1

MSc Chemical Engineering
MSc Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Editor

A young Korean man, well read and well-traveled, concerned about the great strife and suffering in my homeland, Korea, I hope to build a career in the promotion and realization of clean energy, especially with respect to the Korean Peninsula. In this way, I hope to contribute to peace and prosperity through the protection of our natural environment, working to control if not reverse the effects of climate change. I hope to earn my master's degree in chemical engineering and biotechnology at the XXXX.

Currently writing from Switzerland, I am on my fourth visit of 4 weeks each to this beautiful country to be with my fiancée who is studying in Switzerland. Often, I study by myself at the XXXX Learning Center at the XXXX and dream of earning my master's degree here, to give all that I can to the cause of saving our world through the advancement of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering. In Switzerland, I feel as if I am located at the center of the civilized world and the XXXX is the finest program in the country in my field. My professional interests lie precisely in the relationship between Chemical Engineering, on the one hand, and Biotechnology on the other. I keenly look forward to devoting many decades to research and development in this area.

Especially when one takes into consideration the situation in North Korea, there are still many regions in my country where people suffer greatly from the harsh winters, particularly as a result of high energy costs – with initial installation costs often outside the reach of ordinary people on the lower economic rungs of society, in the South as well as the North. Thus, I see my primary object at XXXX as achieving the most solid academic preparation possible for making my maximum contribution to global society and Korea in particular, by giving my professional lifetime to research and development towards the goal of developing clean, ecofriendly energy that is inexpensive. I am driven and extremely highly motivated primarily by the simple fact that climate change is real, and it is happening right now.

MSc Chemical Engineering
MSc Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Samples

I see climate change as the most urgent threat facing our entire species and feel very strongly that we need to work collectively to confront this enormous and sustained threat not only to ourselves but also all generations to come. I have been one of these young people obsessed with the threat of climate change for a long time, beginning in adolescence and intensifying throughout my adult life so far.  This was the primary reason I chose to study Chemical Engineering at the Chonnam National University at home in Korea. Some of my most exciting experiences included working countless hours in a laboratory studying biodegradable polymers as well as the struggle to find suitable replacements for incorruptible plastics through the manufacture of optimized skin patches, researching the mutual interaction between the raw materials medicine and the patch. I also took a Polymeric materials course in 2017 where I studied Poly Olefins, Polymer Blends, Condensational Polymers and Functional Polymers. Through this research experience, I developed a special interest in fossil fuel replacement through biomass.

I also participated in a project sponsored by the Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering the main purpose of which was to produce propylene through gasification from biomass. This further deepened my understanding of the correlations between bio molecules and chemical engineering, and I have stayed up to date with developments in the literature in these areas, especially with respect to software. Over time, my interests expanded to supercritical manufacturing processes and eco-friendly technology that increases the capability and efficiency of existing manufacturing processes, beginning with a year-and-a-half of intensive research into supercritical fluid thermodynamics. I also participated in various research projects as an undergraduate student that were dedicated to the analysis of supercritical fluid behavior at elevated temperatures and high pressures.

MSc Chemical Engineering
MSc Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Examples

Through perseverance and consultation, I was eventually able to perceive the need for the high molecular inhibitor and found the lead to solve the problem. I was able to improve the polymer process of supercritical fluids through in-depth research and consultation with other researchers engaged in supercritical investigations. My professors were highly appreciative of my performance and level of classroom participation, and I won several awards representing my college in technical symposiums at state and national levels.

I believe firmly that the best hope for the planet as we know it to survive is for human beings to win the race to clean energy in time and that the principal key lies in the collaboration of biotechnology and chemical engineering. Thus, I hope to learn everything that I can about biochemical engineering and closely related areas. I am confident that I possess the requisite background and aptitude for excellence as a student at XXXX and I also hope to be considered for a research assistantship. The exceptional excellence and diversity of your faculty and unsurpassed research facilities in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering at the XXXX make your institution the optimal springboard upon which to advance my career in an interdisciplinary and international fashion – while always with a special focus on the great chemical and environmental challenges facing the Korean Peninsula.

A very hardworking and highly committed student with a great deal of research experience for someone my age, serving as a research assistant in some capacity at the XXXX would be a dream come true, since it would go a long way towards helping me to finance my education and thus concentrate on research all the time, 24/7.

Thank you for considering my application.

MSc Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Korean


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