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Master's Degree Help Personal Purpose Food Science Indian

Science Indian
Masters Degree Help Personal Purpose Food Science Indian Applicant Samples, Editing

I was born and am resident in India. I hold a bachelor's degree in industrial biotechnology awarded by the Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy (SASTRA), one of the most prestigious universities in India. My goals are to excel in a master's program in Food Sciences whilst assisting in a significant research project and then to pursue and complete a Ph.D. within the next five years. Once I have completed my doctorate, I intend to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship and to join an international food research organization and to be an expert specializing in dairy engineering. I realize that this is an ambitious plan, but I am confident that I have the potential and determination to achieve it.

It is clear, even to non-scientists, that Biotechnology and Food Sciences are vital subjects in today’s world especially in the under-developed countries such as India. While still at school, I began to become aware of the numerous ways in which science was being applied to reduce food poverty and I could think of no better way of applying my own love of science than in this field of endeavor. My studies took me a long way from my home, family and friends at a comparatively early age and I point out this significant sacrifice as a measure of my determination to succeed in my chosen area of work. It was exhilarating to discover as an undergraduate that there remain so many opportunities to enhance current techniques and to discover innovations to improve the lot of the farmer, the processor, the distributor and, most importantly, that of the consumer.  I am extremely glad that I made a decision that will enable me not only to ‘make a living’ but also to ‘make a difference’ in the world and I find this to be both a satisfying and humbling prospect.

Science Indian
Masters Degree Help Personal Purpose Food Science Indian

I have already undertaken worthwhile research work while an undergraduate and since graduating. I successfully completed an eight-month project on dairy protein purification on a laboratory scale whilst as an undergraduate and proposed a pilot plant model. I have also worked under the Head Scientist at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology where I gained further experience of applying research techniques to achieve a successful outcome. I have prepared two international journal papers and one national journal paper, copies of which are attached to my application. The grades and awards that I obtained during my undergraduate studies will provide an assurance of the diligence and intelligence that I am certain will provide the basis of phenomenally successful participation in a master's program.

 I have both the academic strength and potential together with the requisite personal characteristics to become a world class researcher in my areas of interest. Specifically, I hope to be able to assist in research related to dairy food process engineering and dairy science and technology which are related to my undergraduate research project. I am a dedicated, disciplined, and analytical worker who understands the need for dogged determination and patience in undertaking successful research. I also hope to share the skills and knowledge that the program will provide to the next generation of food scientists and technologists by teaching and writing.   

Science Indian
Masters Degree Help Personal Purpose Food Science Indian Applicant for Admission

I am seeking a highly challenging but supportive program in which I can expect to have access to the absolute best facilities, to be exposed to the ‘cutting edge’ of work in this field and to be taught by a faculty of world renown. It is my objective to become an asset to the faculty and a resource to my fellow students.

Although I have not travelled outside India, I have been exposed to the substantial variety of culture and language that exists in my home country, having visited 23 of the 35 Indian states and I regard this as a useful foundation for living in non-Indian cultures and I am excited at the prospect of doing so. I enjoy learning about new cultures and sharing knowledge of my own.  I speak Hindi, Telugu, and Marathi, along with English.

I know that a master's program at such a prestigious institution as yours will attract many professionally qualified applicants, but I am an excellent candidate. I have an outstanding academic record; I hold a degree in a closely related discipline to the field I now wish to study, and I already have significant and successful research experience. I have a record of demonstrating those characteristics that will enable me to excel in the program and I undertake to apply myself fully and enthusiastically to enable me to do so. I also believe that my background and work in a less developed food industry will enable me to provide useful insights to my class.  However, my main recommendation is a genuine and ardent wish to be one of those who provide effective solutions to the problem of feeding the world’s poor wherever they live. 

Master's Degree Help Personal Purpose Food Science Indian


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