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MS in Chemistry Personal Statement of Purpose Examples

MS in Chemistry Personal
MS in Chemistry Personal Statement of Purpose Editor

A Vietnamese student finishing my BA in Chemistry at the University of Connecticut, I now hope very much to continue to study for the master's degree here at the University of Connecticut (UConn). Along with the sheer excellence of your flagship program, I also feel strongly that I would be most empowered to excellence as a student by being able to continue to profit from the social and academic networks that I have established so far, here in Connecticut, throughout the course of my undergraduate studies in Chemistry. Some of my finest moments up until this point have been spent at UConn and have included serving as volunteer staff at a middle school science bowl, for example, held annually. I relish the diversity of U of Connecticut, especially so because I have long cultivated the celebration of diversity - having spent significant amounts of my time not only in my native Vietnam but also Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, China, and Australia. 


I look forward to doing extensive research in Analytical and especially Inorganic Chemistry as a graduate student in your program and beyond. With extensive experience in instrumentation since I have worked at 2 labs, I will be able to distinguish myself as an especially hard worker in your program. Always meticulous at what I am doing, this contributes to my elevated level of motivation and favorable impression of UConn – especially the outstanding accomplishments of the faculty in my areas of special interest. 


MS in Chemistry Personal
MS in Chemistry Personal Statement of Purpose Editing

It is my special hope that I will be able to contribute to ongoing research at our institution, helping in any way that I can. I feel strongly that my undergraduate education at the University of Connecticut has given me a firm foundation in Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry. I was particularly fortunate to work in my senior year on a research project with Dr. ____, analyzing perfluoroalkyl substances in water by solid phase extraction followed by Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry. This work resulted in an acceptance of its oral presentation at the Eastern Analytical Symposium. I recently graduated from the University of Connecticut with my bachelor’s degree in chemistry. As an undergraduate, I have had the pleasure to be able to work in the environmental laboratory with Dr. ____ on various environmental projects, including analysis on microplastics and polychlorinated biphenyl. This very much helped to pique my interest in the struggle to protect our natural environment. Since then, I have been working at York Analytical Laboratory as a laboratory technician and analyst. 


MS in Chemistry Personal
MS in Chemistry Personal Statement of Purpose Samples

My greatest purpose is to be able to fully apply my knowledge and skills in chemistry in the most effective and sustainable ways that I can, working for the balance of my professional lifetime struggling side-by-side with my colleagues seeking out and acting upon new frontiers in the physical science that help us to understand, refine, and build upon work that has been done up until now; all geared towards reversing or at least slowing the effects of global warming. It is important, I believe, for chemists to increasingly be part of the solution, especially considering the way that so many of them have long been central to the problem.  

I want to think that I am going to make major contributions to my field in years to come contributing to green developments that prolong and protect public health and well-being. Working in 2 different environmental testing labs at UConn – the Center for Environmental Sciences and Engineering, and York Analytical Laboratories, has left me hungry to learn more about instrumentation, in particular, and to put all of what I have learned to the cause of rescuing our living environment from the peril that is threatening the existence of both us and life itself. 


I look forward to decades to come working for a distinguished lab, identifying, and treating emerging chemical contaminants that are or are at risk of entering into our living environment. My ideal job position would be a lab manager where I will have a team of scientists help me to give my all to meeting our common goals at the service of society, locally, and human and mother earth in the big picture. 


Thank you for considering my application to the master's degree Program in Chemistry at the University of Connecticut. 

MS in Chemistry Personal Statement of Purpose Examples


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