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MS Chemistry Personal Purpose Statement Saudi Woman

MS Chemistry Personal
MS Chemistry Personal Purpose Statement Saudi Woman Chemist Example, Writing Help

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons, in addition to the location in the nation’s capital. The wife of a Saudi diplomat, I have gradually been getting to know Washington DC and have admired your campus and the diversity of your intellectual and academic community for some time. I especially admire XXXX’s long history of more than 150 years standing up for social justice as well as academic excellence.

Becoming a professional scientist by earning my master's degree in chemistry will enable me to make my most important contributions to my society, Saudi Arabia, in the future, as well as my profession and academic community.  At the center of my intellectual interests stand drug synthesis and design and I look forward to many decades of professional contributions in this area, and to the development of our pharmaceutical industry in Saudi Arabia. Much of my interest in medicine is geared not only towards saving lives but also reducing the cost of medicine. I approach the issue of healthcare with the same pragmatic fervor with which I tackle complex issues of industrialization in Saudi Arabia and the need to step up our transition to cleaner forms of energy. As an academic and chemistry professional, I plan to stay engaged in both critical areas of development in Saudi Arabia, in human as well as financial terms.

MS Chemistry Personal
MS Chemistry Personal Purpose Statement Saudi Woman Applicant Writing Service Help

I am incredibly pleased that issues of drug synthesis and design are also among the varied interests of the faculty in Chemistry at XXXX University. I admire the research undertaken by all the faculty and I feel especially drawn to the work of Dr. XXXX in organic synthesis. It would be a special honor to participate in and contribute to research in organic synthesis as a graduate student in Chemistry at XXXX.

Pharmaceutical, medical supply and bioengineering are among Saudi Arabia’s fastest-growing industries, and this will enable me to participate in a timely and current way to help my country develop and successfully compete in the global economy.

I very much look forward to a full participation at XXXX University, especially with the academic community in Chemistry, learning many things of value from my peers from all over the world as well as my professors. This is my opportunity to prove myself, and thus lay a foundation upon which I might also undertake academic work at the doctoral level so that I could earn the PHD as well. This would be especially appropriate since my central long-term goal is a career in academia.

MS Chemistry Personal
MS Chemistry Personal Purpose Statement Saudi Woman Chemist, Editing Help

Women in Saudi Arabia have been steadily gaining greater levels of freedom, but we still have a long way to go. In Chemistry, as in the Physical Sciences more generally, increasingly there are female faces in the classroom. Hopefully, we will continue to make progress in this regard until we achieve equality or near-equality in every area. Thus, I look forward to serving as a role model of a successful Saudi woman both in Chemistry and in the University, encouraging new generations of Saudi women to continue to make progress in fields and positions that were reserved for men in the past. 

Thank you for your consideration of my application to Chemistry at XXXX University.

MS Chemistry Personal Purpose Statement Saudi Woman


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