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HRM Master Degree Human
HRM Master Degree Human Resources Statement of Purpose Samples

I started college in 2015 and graduated in 2018 from John Cabot University, an American University in Rome. While earning my BA in Political Science I have participated in different study abroad programs taking me not only to Australia to study Aboriginal society and their issues, but also to Japan where I learned a great deal about Japanese customs and traditions. I am always eager to learn as much as I can about languages, cultures, and the customs of diverse and beautiful countries. In fact, I began studying abroad while still in high school, only seventeen, learning for a semester in North Carolina, USA.  


Living abroad on several different continents, learning to communicate in new languages, and getting to know the local people and other travelers has helped me to develop an open mind and a passion for celebrating, respecting, and honoring diversity, seeing the world from a variety of different perspectives. 


HRM Master Degree Human Resources
HRM Master Degree Human Resources Statement of Purpose Example

My passion for volunteering has pushed me to visit countries like India and Ecuador where I learned a great deal about the critical issues facing the Developing World, lifestyle, poverty, human rights, and NGOs. In Ecuador, I have worked in the food Markets with the children, teaching them English and reinforcing positive behaviors that help them to stay safe and out of trouble. Last October, I opened a transport coordination company in Guayaquil with a couple of my classmates: “NBN Global Logistics.” Covid-19 exacted an outsized toll on the city, Guayaquil.  Poised for the return of large-scale political violence in the middle of the worst of Ecuador’s second Corona wave. I desperately wanted to do something to help these poor people. It is my sincere hope that earning the master's degree in international human resources at Westminster University, my first choice for graduate school, will provide me with the state-of-the-art graduate education that I need to contribute to these kinds of developments.


I did not enter college determined to earn the highest grade that I could, beset by numerous sundry travails of youth. But by my second year my grades were improving enormously, and I feel very strongly that my final years as a student are a much better reflection of my ability to achieve excellence as a graduate student in your program. 


John Cabot University has provided me with the tools to view the world from an increasingly sophisticated international perspective. In addition to my classes, I also learned a lot from my volunteer activities at JCU. Our professors did their best to push us to think outside of the box and for this I am most thankful. 

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I want to learn the big picture about international commerce, law, multinationals, the distribution of food and medicine in times of acute crises, represented by what we face today as a society in Ecuador. I want to use my knowledge and experiences of the times where I have lived abroad to learn how to build strong, unified international teams. Nowhere else, I am confident, could I learn as much concerning precisely what I want to study, the history of trends in global resource allocations and recognition of human rights.  


Thank you for considering my application to International Human Resources at ____. 

HRM Human Resources Personal Statement of Purpose Edit


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