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Masters Human Resources Cultural Sensitivity Statement

Masters Human Resources Cultural Sensitivity Personal Statement Sample
Masters Human Resources Cultural Sensitivity Statement Examples

I do not have direct experience of HR work and so this application may be a little unusual. My fascination with HR has arisen and deepened through my associate and bachelor's degree studies and through my own academic and professional experiences. I have become increasingly aware of the pivotal role played by HR departments in the success of enterprises and want very much to become involved in this field of work. My degree studies are currently undertaken whilst working full-time and so I am aware of the possibilities open to employees for further and continuing education and the obstacles that must be faced and overcome.

 My own academic journey began later than is usual because I did not, for some time, recognize the options open to me and my own potential to take advantage of them. I am so glad that I did as I thoroughly enjoy my studies and acquiring knowledge that I can apply in my work. I now seek, through participation in this program, to acquire the additional knowledge and skills that will equip me to assist others to recognize and to fulfill their own academic and professional potential. My long-term goal is to become a highly skilled and effective HR manager with my current employer.

Masters Human Resources Cultural Sensitivity Personal Statement
Masters Human Resources Cultural Sensitivity Statement Editing Service

I have undertaken significant informal private study of HR matters and particularly the training and professional education of employees by the reading of texts and relevant periodicals. I have also carefully considered the qualities needed in a successful HR practitioner and believe that I possess them. I like people and consider myself easy to get along with;  I enjoy helping others; I communicate effectively and easily with people of all stations in life; I am tenacious and creative in seeking solutions to problems; like most people my life has brought its challenges and difficulties and I readily empathize with those undergoing trials and problems; I realize the importance to employers, industry, and the economy in general, of encouraging people to maximize their skills and utility; and I understand the relationship between successful businesses and a focused, proactive and highly trained HR department.

I am aware of the need for cultural sensitivity in HR work. I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people of many diverse cultural and social backgrounds and look forward to extending these experiences in the program and in my work in the future.  I am well-travelled, having visited several European countries and have travelled all over the US. I have always used these travels as an opportunity to learn something about the local communities and industries.

Masters Human Resources Cultural Sensitivity
Masters Human Resources Cultural Sensitivity Statement

 I would be interested in undertaking research and specifically into the educational development of employees in the oil industry. I have the tenacity and intellectual curiosity to undertake some original research within the program.

My husband is a graduate of the university having graduated in 2005. He assures me that the university will provide the kind of challenging, friendly, and supportive academic environment that I seek. He has been an inspiration to me in encouraging me to seek to go as far as I can in my life.

I am aware that there will be many professionally qualified applicants for the program. However, I am an exceptional candidate. I am tenacious in pursuing my goals as confirmed by the advanced studies undertaken whilst working full time; I can apply my own background story to my studies and future work; my main recommendation however is a genuine passion for helping people to attain their personal, professional, and academic potential for the benefit of all. I undertake to participate enthusiastically in the program and to work hard to excel within it and hope that you will give me the opportunity to do so.

Masters Human Resources Cultural Sensitivity Statement


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