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MBA Finance Personal Statement Sample World Bank

MBA Finance
MBA Finance Personal Statement Sample World Bank, Purpose Examples, Editing Service

Growing up in two highly diverse countries on two different continents, worlds apart, I have been given a worldview that is unique.  Indeed, spending the first half of my life in Thailand, combined with my world travels, has given me tremendous insights into the incredible importance and relevance of international business, not just for the companies involved and people they serve, but the people they employ.  While many in the US decry outsourcing, they fail to recognize the positive impacts on emerging nations.  Most people living in America, and thankfully so, do not have to worry about such issues as clean drinking water, or where their next meal will come from.  Outsourcing saves lives.

MBA Finance
MBA Finance Personal Statement Sample World Bank Examples, Writing Service, Help

 International business strategy has become the core of my research interests.  As barriers to global markets are opened, aiding in rebuilding world economies, companies are increasingly reliant upon the ability to nurture and expand into new markets.  Burgeoning multinational companies need effective and well-educated management to guide these changes, managers that can manage both domestic operations and international endeavors.  It is my aim to be that guide, and believe that my own unique worldview, experiences, and cultural competency will bring my plans, ambitions – my dreams – to reality.  The first step towards XXXX’s MBA program is not only logical; it is a natural choice for my academic and professional careers.

MBA Finance
MBA Finance Personal Statement Sample World Bank, Editing and Enhancement Service

Earning an MBA from Kogod will allow me to, post-graduation, build my exposure in the field, ideally with the World Bank, here in D.C.  Contributing to the World Bank’s ongoing work, I will be able to give back to society, and on a great scale, helping to reduce poverty worldwide.  Reducing socioeconomic differences gives people more opportunities for better lives.  I learned this lesson years ago through the selfless and tireless acts of my father, who worked so I could become literate in English and receive the finest education possible.  My endeavors will always be for him, to never let his sacrifices for me to be in vain. I envision returning to Thailand and bringing my experiences and contacts to a Department of Business Development, thus aiding in securing Thailand’s economy.

 I bring with me to XXXX a solid academic foundation in Finance, earned from one of America’s finest schools, coupled with half a decade of practical and relevant experiences in the field.  Much more than this, though, I bring my maturity and humility, aspects of who I am earned through shouldering the issues of my parents’ divorce, going to school, and working two jobs to help my father pay for his mortgage.  While my GPA is not truly indicative of the seriousness with which I approach my academics (I consistently made honor roll pre-college), there have been changes in my life since to allow me to concentrate fully on my graduate degree.  Moreover, I have learned through doing, not from a book, how to manage my time effectively, and even find time to give back to my community.  Teaching Thai children in America how to play the Khim, a Thai native musical instrument, at my temple every week during the summer helps me to keep my connection with my culture alive within me and sharing it with those who may not get to Thailand, or Laos as I do every year.

 Having developed my business foundation in corporate budgeting, accountancy, government contracting, banking and customer service, this combined with my trilingual abilities, annual travels to differing countries, and appreciation for Chinese, Thai and American cultures will aid me tremendously in my international business ambitions.  I am eager to share my unique perspectives and experiences with Kogod’s own accomplished student body and am hopeful I will enrich their own educational experience, as well.

 American University’s XXXX School of Business is my sole choice for academic development.  The breadth and autonomy of the MBA curriculum is only enhanced by the focus on international business strategy, and this lends itself ideally to my own ambitions.  In the most practical terms, the convenience of the part-time MBA program will enable me to continue working while I complete my graduate degree.  I am eager to participate, give back and excel.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

MBA Finance Personal Statement Sample World Bank


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