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MBA International Business Finance Personal Purpose Edit

MBA International Business Finance
MBA International Business Finance Personal Purpose Editing Service Examples

Originally from Iran, coming to America at 16 and now 29 years old, I feel as American as I do Iranian. I hope very much to be accepted to your MBA Program at XXXX University for several reasons. Primarily, I your program is the strongest program in DC (if not the country); as well as being near to where I live and work. I have closely reviewed the MBA Programs in my area, Washington DC, and I remain convinced that XXXX University’s MBA has the most to offer someone like me who seeks professional success on an international level. In other words, because of the way in which all aspects of your program are designed to respond to our global marketplace, and to think not only creatively but also globally. I am the best fit for your program at XXU. I want not only to become a major player in international business, especially finance, but also to progressively assume leadership roles; this is the other major reason I am convinced that your program at XXU will serve me as the optimal springboard for moving up in the world of international finance and banking.

MBA International Business Finance
MBA International Business Finance Personal Purpose Professional Writing Service

XXXX University is for me a symbol of the best of globalization and diversity in international commerce, relations, justice, and one of the most innovative MBA Programs in the world. I recognize the rigor of your program, but I am tenacious, driven, and determined to succeed; and I crave the challenge. A well-traveled Iranian man who thrives in an international milieu and lives and works in Washington, DC, your program represents the best way for me to advance my career through interdisciplinary study in organization and administration, finance, banking, and a host of related areas.

I work for a bank in Washington, DC processing commercial loan requests and I love both my city and my work with all my heart. One of my most important tasks is to perform independent, annual risk assessment reviews for individual credits within the loan portfolio. I see my professional experience in risk assessment, in particular, as helping to prepare me to excel in your program at XXU, since this aspect of what we do is so extremely critical to the security of investments and the opening of new possibilities in finance.

MBA International Business Finance
MBA International Business Finance Personal Purpose Professional Writing Service Help

I particularly prize the way that the program places a top priority on international commerce and trade. Since I live close by, I hope to never miss a guest lecturer in business while a student in your program and no school has a more star-studded list of excellence in guest speakers than George Mason.

Progressively, I hope to achieve the forefront of excellence in my critical thinking about global commerce and to learn in an interdisciplinary fashion in the context of real-world experiences, challenges, and opportunities facing the global marketplace. I also very much appreciate the great diversity that characterizes both your curriculum and faculty, as well as ongoing research taking place at XXU.

I already think of myself as a global citizen and want to move increasingly into the area of international banking. In addition to my native Iran, I have also spent significant amounts of time in Cypress, the UAE, Turkey, and much of Western Europe, along with Canada and Mexico. My travels have heightened my sense of professional identity as a global thinker and operator in the context of international business.

I also see your program at XXU as especially impressive with respect to its comprehensive inclusion of legal issues along with discussions of business trends in the context of legal issues. I look forward to learning from the experts on your faculty. For me international business and politics are always intertwined, and I look forward to making friends as a student in your program with classmates and colleagues from all parts of globe, sharing stories, strategies, hopes and dreams. I hope to learn from elected officials as well, as there is always a great deal to learn from the government itself and the complex relationships that exist between public and private sectors.

My own civic sense of attachment is not only to America, but most particularly Washington DC. And it is to DC that I look forward to making my social contribution as my career progresses. I hope to inspire other minorities, particular Middle Easterners, to excel, and to learn to make the most of their immigrant experience.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

MBA International Business Finance Personal Purpose Edit


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