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MBA Degree Online Finance Personal Purpose Technology

MBA Degree Online Finance Personal
MBA Degree Online Finance Personal Purpose Technology Personal Statement Sample

I am a pragmatic young man who sees economic development as the fundamental motor of society and human improvement, and private enterprise as the vehicle of human progression. Thus, it is natural for me to aspire to the position of CFO or CTO. I am interested in the many ways that companies raise capital to finance special projects—along with attaining a firm grasp of the broad range of business administration and organizational theory. I see gaining acceptance to your program as the ideal steppingstone towards the achievement of a leadership position in the business world.

 I believe that my background in computer science has prepared me especially well for a career in finance.  My four years of computing related education have provided me with a strong background in the areas of both mathematics and technology.  An M.B.A. in Finance would serve to refine and empower my logical and analytical skills that would propel me into a successful career. UXXX is especially attractive to me because I find myself most attracted to the emphases of your program “on case studies, experiential learning techniques, and field programs.” I am convinced that this is the most effective way to empower creativity in the business world.

MBA Degree Online Finance Personal
MBA Degree Online Finance Personal Purpose Technology Statement Examples, Writing Help

There is a bright future in finance for a highly motivated information technology professional with extensive C#.NET and C/C++ programming and analysis experience.  I am a team player, an attentive listener, and a persuasive communicator, and I always stay focused on the task at hand, maximizing efficiency and profits.  I am a firm believer in building strong working relationships and I have become adept at partnering with clients, staff, and management in my current professional position. I have developed a proven record of accomplishment in application design, testing, and documentation.  Over the course of many years, I have developed what my colleagues often applaud as an exceptional knowledge of network administration.

I am especially interested in corporate finance, financial markets, and financial instruments, as well as the myriad ways that technology is and could be used harnessed to the service of finance. 10 years from now, I would like to be working at an investment bank as a Chief Technology Officer.  Ideally, I would like a position that uses my computer science background as well as my advanced education in business education.

I have a solid professional as well as academic background, having spent the last three years working for the same company as a computer programmer. As a result of my avid curiosity for all areas of finance, I have done a great deal of independent reading on the subject, especially in options trading. I often fall to sleep with a book in my lap well past midnight. I have also toured both Germany and France and have another special interest in European Finance.

MBA Degree Online Finance Personal
MBA Degree Finance and Technology Personal Purpose Technology Statement of Purpose

I would consider myself deeply honored to be awarded a teaching assistantship, which I feel is a responsibility that I can shoulder well given my maturity, prominent level of motivation, and dedication to both my work and my studies. Especially given the fact that your program is Online, I suspect that there might be certain advantages to having an IT professional as a teaching assistant and I would give your program my all as both a student and as a teaching assistant if you were to decide that I might be of use to your program at this professional level. I look forward to further communication with you and I thank you for your thoughtful consideration of my application.

MBA Degree Online Finance Personal Purpose Technology


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