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Masters Information Systems Personal Statement Palestinian

Masters Information Systems Personal
Masters Information Systems Personal Statement of Purpose Palestinian Applicant Sample

I am a 25-year-old man from Palestine who wants very much to help his people develop, economically, politically, in every way. This is why I have dedicated my life to doing what I can to help us develop communication and information systems in Palestine.

Since I was a toddler, I have been fascinated by machines, especially electric ones. My adult journey began with my first computer at the age of twelve. What I most enjoy, every day, is learning, and this is what I most love about my field, the learning opportunities that have been opened by computer driven technology. Thus, deciding to major in Computer Information Systems for my undergraduate degree was a very natural choice.

My favorite undergraduate courses included Databases, Software Engineering, Data Mining, Object Oriented, Programming Languages, and Formal Logic for use with artificial intelligence systems. I have participated in all the activities that my university has had to offer and never failed to perform with excellence on any academic assignment that I was given. In fact, I have always sought extra projects on my own initiative. Volunteer work is especially close to my heart. Perhaps because Palestine is such a poor country in such a hostile environment, many of us feel greater levels of civic responsibility than might otherwise be the case.

Masters Information Systems Personal
Masters Information Systems Personal Statement of Purpose Palestinian Examples, Editing Help

The only thing that I love as much as computers is children. This is why I volunteered at the Nablus Culture Center, teaching IT to children, everything from basic skills to designing a website. Especially since my graduation, I have been an extremely dedicated worker, ceaselessly exploring and keeping abreast of innovative developments in information technologies.

I worked as a part time trainer and developer for XXXX Company immediately upon graduation in June of 2007 and left this position to accept a teaching position at XXXX College, which is administered by my university. Since December of 2009, I have been a full-time programmer at the Palestinian Ministry of Labor. I have helped to design and implement our Human Resources Information Systems and our LMIS (Labor Market Information System). Currently, I am working on two information systems, one for the Business Relations Department and the other for the Labor Inspections Team in the Ministry of Labor. Prior to my current position, I worked full time as an IT developer and trainer in the private sector. In both positions, I have continued to enhance my capacity for developing Web Applications, Windows Applications and managing Microsoft SQL servers.

Masters Information Systems Personal
Masters Information Systems Personal Statement Palestinian Example, Writing Service, Help

Completing your program would provide me with optimal preparation for planning, coordinating, and directing research concerning the most salient IT challenges faced by Palestinian society, in both public and private sectors. My most fundamental concern with respect to the myriad problems facing the Palestinian people is the need for research in IT, presently limited to one or two universities with extraordinarily little funding. I hope to work to change this after I complete your program. My long-term goal is to earn my PHD and teach at a local university in Palestine. Most of all, however, I wish to someday create a research facility or start a research group to help Palestinian graduate students undertake original research locally instead of studying outside of Palestine.

We suffer from brain drain in Palestine and we need to struggle to keep our finest students at home where they can contribute to their society. I want to cultivate connections with the local market in Palestine to inspire the private sector to invest in raising the quality of our information systems so that every company and organization in Palestine will be able to benefit from these improvements. I am convinced that the best way that I might be able to serve my long-suffering people is to immerse myself in research in the areas of Information Systems and mining Web data.

I have a special interest in and wish to develop a career focusing on object-oriented database technology. I am a self-motivated and hard-working person with years of experience in programming and I am confident that my background provides me with much to contribute to the diversity of your distinguished program. There are, of course, so many ways to learn, and in addition to the academic rigors of your program, I look forward to learning from my peers from all over the world, especially those that come from developing countries, so that we can compare notes and help each other to promote the interests of our peoples. Those of us from the Developing World want the same thing that other people want for the future, a lap-top computer for all our children, and the strength, power, and freedom that is required to take full advantage of this liberating and empowering technology.

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study because of its outstanding academic reputation and what I have learned about your program by talking to some of your alumni.

Thank you for considering my application.

Masters Information Systems Personal Statement Palestinian


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