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Computer & Information Science Personal Purpose Statement

Computer & Information Science
Computer & Information Science CIS Good GPA

Being born into a family that has always encouraged utilizing fully our inherent gifts, I have excelled in every academic venture I have undertaken.  I have adopted my parents’ standards of how to conduct yourself in life, to be disciplined, persistent in your pursuits and above all to work hard at everything you do.  I have an inquisitive nature, and enjoy challenges and mysteries.  Even as a boy, I loved solving problems through careful thought, testing and experimentation.  High school brought focus to my raw talents in math, and physics, subjects that gave me a practical outlet for solving new, more advanced problems.  While I felt I could always give my energy and time to math and physics, computer science gave me that much more, satisfying my need to be constantly learning and being exposed to the newest technologies.  The field seemed limitless, and I eagerly anticipated the next breakthrough.

Computer & Information Science
Computer & Information Science CIS

From the time I was introduced to the rudiments of Computer Science, I have excelled in the study of algorithms, programming languages and data processing.  Artificial Intelligence (AI), renewed within me my passion for even more advanced, complex problem solving, and provided me with intense analysis, reasoning and deduction.  I felt as though I had rediscovered my love of computer science with AI, but more than this, I was in awe of what AI could do and what it will do in the future.  In my lifetime, I have seen common home computers with the same capacity as all of NASA when the first Apollo mission was launched.  To think how far we have come, just in my lifetime is staggering, with multilayer processors giving us abilities scientists could – and did – only dream of years ago.

Continuing my pursuit of AI is more than a logical progression for my academic, professional and research experiences; it is the only natural choice given my sensibilities, ambitions, and indeed my dreams.  Earning my Ph.D. in Computer Science will enable me to bring these aspirations to fruition, namely contributing to the future of the only field that has ever brought me the greatest fulfillment, through teaching tomorrow’s researchers.  As an assistant professor, I will have ample opportunity and access to contemporary research, opportunities that will translate into practical, real world examples I can bring to life for my students. 

Computer & Information Science
Computer & Information Science CIS Example

There are countless possibilities within the field of AI, and it is my aim to make the field that much larger.  Identifying, developing and solving AI problems in Computer Science are my contribution to the amelioration of lives everywhere.  AI problems are the cogs in the machine of tomorrow’s technology.  The problems we solve are computer problems, but once resolved, they can be applied as solutions to real world problems.  For example, my work on swarm spreading problems, developing algorithms, ended in success, providing solutions for cellular telecommunications companies to ensure that there is sufficient spread of communication towers to cover specific areas, and keep costs at a minimum.

 I bring with me to UXXX’s student body and the CISD program almost a decade of conceptual continuity in academics, near-perfect GPA, professional and research experiences.  The CISD program will be for me a seamless extension of the AI research I started during my graduate program.  In the most practical sense, my work has developed my extensive grounding in database use/construction, numerous OSs and programming languages, advanced software engineering (throughout the lifecycle of projects), and the construction of dynamic websites.  Moreover, while robotics is not the thrust of my research interests, I have a good grasp of its rudiments, have brought robotic projects from concept to reality, and developed algorithms for solving swarm-spreading issues.

 As a future professor, I feel that my international experiences will be a distinct advantage in the classroom.  Having been educated, lived and worked in Jordan and the US, I have a worldview that is quite different from my academic peers, and I am able to interact effectively with many diverse people; combined with this is my ability to speak two languages fluently.  As a result, I am able to speak confidently in front of groups of people.  A future professor needs to be able to interact effectively with people of differing cultures.  This is what I bring to the student body, as well, one in which I anticipate many opportunities for group assignments, teamwork and projects.

 The prospect of a quality Computer Science education is incredibly exciting to me.  This is my field, where I feel fulfilled and aim to leave my mark. 

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

Computer & Information Science Personal Purpose


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