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Translation MA, Masters, Chinese Personal Statement

Translation MA, master's Chinese Personal Statement
Translation MA, Masters, Mandarin and Cantonese

As a non-native, English speaker in Hong Kong currently in my final year of a competitive 4-year double-degree program in English Studies and English Education, I realize that translation plays a vital role in our acquisition of English as a second or third language. If languages serve as building blocks, then translation is the critical process of making different sets of building blocks interchangeable. I have fallen in love with my own quest to master English because I have my heart set on a long and distinguished career teaching English in Hong Kong.

Earning a master's degree in Translation at your highly esteemed institution will allow me to earn the professional credentials that I need not only to become optimally successful as a teacher, but also to work professionally in translations involving my native Cantonese—my native language.

Translation MA, Masters
Translation MA, Masters, Chinese Personal Statement

My five years of tutoring experience of Hong Kong children and teenagers have inspired and shaped my passion for translation. I have come to realize that difficulties in understanding certain words or expressions are a major hindrance for second language learners of English.

Although equipping my students with the skills they need to maximize their understanding of English has always been my ultimate teaching goal, the translation of difficult words from English to either Mandarin or Cantonese is always helpful.

My students are learners with low second language proficiency who require first language translation to understand the difficult words in a second or target language. Despite my proficiency in English language, I am especially aware of my scant knowledge and practical skills of translation when I need to translate from English to Chinese.

Translation MA, Masters Examples, Editing Service
Translation MA, Masters, Chinese Personal Statement Samples

With the rise of China, especially marked by its entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) and its hosting of the Olympic Games the number of international conferences and exhibitions taking place in China has grown enormously. Rapid economic development and the rising international status of China have opened a sea of international business opportunities, which creates a tremendous demand of well-trained translators. Thus, I believe that earning the MA at ____ University will enable me to acquire the professional knowledge and practical skills of language transfer that will translate into success in a competitive job market.

I am convinced that the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills provided by this translation program will greatly complement my current studies of English and Education which is based on my love and pleasure to work with languages as well as my desire to be proficient in English for it is one of the international languages that ties different nationalities together. With this translation program - something I have never studied directly before yet highly related to what I have been studying, not only will my intellectual horizons and career opportunities be widely broadened, but I will also be able to further consolidate or even sublime my multilanguage skills by creating a meaningful and efficient linkage between English and my native Chinese languages.

Translation MA, Masters, Chinese Personal Statement


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