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Personal Statement of Purpose for the PHD in Economics

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Personal Statement of Purpose Examples for the PHD in Economics

Since both of my parents worked in the financial industry, economics and finance were natural choices for my professional preparation. Having made my way through a rigorous undergraduate program at the University of Hong Kong in Economics and Finance, and then came to America to earn my MS Degree in Economics in Boston.

I now hope to be able to earn the PHD in Economics at XXXX University. I especially look forward to attending XXXX because I am the best fit with your curriculum, the structure of your program, and the location. 


Game theory as it relates to the field of industrial organization is central to my professional fascination and I keenly look forward to taking courses in this area in my graduate study, to complement what I have learned as an undergraduate. I hope to earn a doctoral degree in economics. Although I have struggled with some of my classes, my grades steadily improved as an undergraduate student. Soon, I found myself taking mathematics and statistics classes as an undergraduate. I was not intimidated and kept taking advanced classes and obtaining several A grades. My interests thus far have lain primarily in industrial organization and development economics, especially their potential to contribute to public policies. In the future, I hope to become more competent in research, gaining advanced knowledge because of completing a PHD program. At some point I hope to become a professor and researcher at the university level.  


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Personal Statement of Purpose for the PHD in Economics Samples

My interest in the field of industrial organization originates from my interest in game theory. My father is a huge fan of the famous chess game GO, and I am quite familiar with the word “strategy” because of this game, but it was until I watched A Beautiful Mind, the biographical film of John Nash, that I savored its mathematical meaning. I was fascinated by those concepts of strategic interactions among individuals. In my undergraduate study, I took a game theory class and authored an A-grade essay utilizing the model of the multi-player repeated game. That was the first time I authored a theoretical paper and got compliments on my mathematical work. I have great interest in the extensive use of game theory in both industrial organization and economics and I want to continue at the doctoral level, with special attention to my native China.

When I traveled to Tibet area as a member of a teaching support team, development issues began to dominate my attention. Living with a local family, I found that although the students I taught were the same age as me, their living conditions were much worse than what I enjoyed back home. I became more fully aware of the economic disparities that characterize greater China and I began to see and reflect upon education as a basic human need alongside the most fundamental resources like food, water, and shelter. I came to understand how the state could more effectively manage rural areas to ease poverty but fails to do so and I concluded that the poor in the countryside subsidize the wealthy in the cities and that this is implicitly official government policy. The PHD Program at XXXX University is ideal given the interest in China in your department with several professors devoting special attention to China in their research. 


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By the time I began working on my master's degree in the US, I began to see my future more clearly, as a researcher, an academician, and as an economist. I accepted an internship position in a government agency in China in charge of the design and strategic positioning of a new district in my hometown Shenzhen, a coastal city sharing a border with Hong Kong and home to immigrants from all parts of China. There, I had the opportunity to work with researchers from universities to review government reports regarding the future development plans for the marine economy and specifically the biomedicine industry. I participated in the enterprise survey design and completed on-spot investigations in a variety of firms. I could see the real-world application of what previously had felt like computer-based “brain work.”  


I have worked as a research assistant helping professors with data collection, cleaning, and visualization. The research projects have mostly been in international trade and the association between Covid-19 and school calendar dates. In addition to regular coursework, I have also undertaken my own research on the effects of Covid-19 on the online education industry, using a random-effects model.  


These experiences have not only helped to familiarize me with the research process, and to whet my appetite for continuing to learn in terms of research methodologies as well as specific programming skills to carry out research independently. I believe the intensive training that I will receive through the completion of the PHD Program at XXXX University represents the optimal springboard for my professional future as a devoted researcher. 


Completing several internships has helped me to become and especially well-organized and detailed-oriented person, an honest communicator and a willing collaborator. I give my all to every project that I undertake.  


I also love Chinese traditional painting, table tennis, and see the arts and sports as crucial to the cultivation of one’s temperament, contributing to one’s professional as well as personal success in life. 


I thank you for considering my application to the PHD Program in Economics at ____ University. 

Personal Statement of Purpose for the PHD in Economics


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