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Personal Statement MA Communications, Latina, the Voiceless

Personal Statement MA Communications
Personal Statement MA Communications, Latina, the Voiceless, Grad School Purpose

A people person and highly professional, I now have twenty plus years of experience working in the media resolving internal/external communication problems. More recently, my duties have focused on press relations. Fundamental to the strength of my application is that I am Latina; thus, some of my most unique accomplishments have been in my work with Spanish language news stations in Los Angeles. Completing your distinguished master's program in Communications Management at UXX will empower me to become what I dream of becoming, a communications director working on behalf of the public interest, always reaching out to underserved communities. A deeply spiritual woman in my interior life, I seek to follow the path of the martyred and now Saint Romero of El Salvador who was just beatified by Pope Francis, becoming a “voice of the voiceless.”

Personal Statement MA Communications,
Personal Statement MA Communications, Latina, the Voiceless, Professional Editor

My formal education got off to a late start, earning my AS in Mass Communications in 2011. I will finish my bachelor's in public administration next month, May 30, 2015. Now, I am entirely addicted to advanced study, and I want to give graduate school my all. It is my time. I want to put what I have learned to work in the study and investigation of communication strategies, corporate communication, and social media: with a special focus in my case on the impact on the Spanish-speaking community. UXX’s online program is my first choice not only because of my professional focus on the Greater Los Angeles Area, but also the unique, state-of-the-art nature of your Communications Management Program, combined with the convenience of online study that will enable me to continue to refine my multitasking skills, excel in my current position as a XXXX with my current employer XXXX, help my children with homework, projects, and continue to pursue my volunteer activities and research interests.

Personal Statement MA Communications,
Personal Statement MA Communications, Latina, Writing and Editing Help

Foundational to my vision for professional engagement in the future is my long trajectory of activity related to feeding the homeless, particularly migrant families in California and Mexico. My volunteer work is something that I have been faithful to ever since high school, starting with sporting events, fundraisers, etc. I feel strongly that the Latino community, in particular, especially the underserved, need greater levels of representation, more voice.  As a child I witnessed it first-hand; we then had little to no representation and communications outreach. I see Communication as key, learning and teaching the strategies and the skills that most effectively serve to convey a clear and concise message that has a positive effect on all those involved.  I want to learn how to listen better, more empathetically and responsively to better understand where a person is coming from.  I like to learn about people’s feelings, what motivates and matters to them, their values, and ethics. 

I see empathy as especially important to fully understand and communicate the perspective of the individual or group in question. I am fascinated by the way in which some organizations that I have worked with are clearly in great need of entirely new communication strategies that are able to adapt to and exploit the resources and opportunities that result from changes in workplace culture and business climate. 

I want to help our community prosper and I know that anything and everything is possible. At 54, I want to be an example for others to follow, to inspire them to dream, and to realize that no matter your age, dreams can become reality with enough dedication and determination: we just must believe in ourselves. 

I would like for my efforts in the field of Communication to have a positive impact on all the people that I meet. By perfecting my skills as a communications manager, I can help those who do not have a voice. By sharing useful communication strategies with the marginalized, I can help to empower them to communicate more effectively and work towards overcoming their disenfranchised status. I look forward to spending the balance of my career becoming a good leader and teaching leadership skills in communication.

I also seek to better understand conflict resolution as a master's student in your program at UXX. I want to learn how conflict is rooted in failed communication and what to do about it, how to minimize backlash, always struggling for if not achieving a win-win situation.  I see UXX’s historical strength in Communications as another reason it is my only choice. I admire your record of accomplishment, especially as far as it has been embodied by the XXXX School for Communication and the XXXX Public Policy Center. It would be a profound honor for me to earn my master's degree in communications management at UXX and I thank you for considering my application.

Personal Statement MA Communications, Latina, the Voiceless


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