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Latina Global Communication Marketing Personal Statement

Latina Global Communication Marketing
Latina Global Communication Marketing Personal Purpose Statement Examples

My entire working life of 18 years and the academic choices that I made at college both relate to my interest in effective communication, a subject of enormous importance in every sphere and in the life of every individual and a source of endless fascination to me.

My work in marketing has exposed me to every facet of this area of work and to a variety of professional environments. To provide just a few examples of my past work and its breadth: I have worked as a marketing brand manager during which time I led the management of new product launches and worked with one of the most successful advertising agencies, XXXX of Chicago, in a successful launch. I have worked in PR which exposed me to working with direct media outlets. I succeeded in attracting new media coverage (Channel 4) for large fundraising events undertaken by a non-profit organization (AbilityFirst) for whom I worked, this resulted in a significant increase in funding for programs to assist disabled children and adults of which I am enormously proud.

Latina Global Communication Marketing
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I am currently engaged in the promotion of my employer’s brand in the world of digital media as a Marketing Manager and am enjoying all the many challenges that this work provides.  I manage a substantial marketing budget for 6 divisions within the organization. I also manage the digital and print campaigns which have been remarkably successful in increasing market share as well as the publicity relating to the launch of new lines. I manage the trade show marketing for one division which is extremely useful in that it provides direct exposure to customers, potential customers and their opinions and feedback. I am also responsible for direct brand management, PR, advertising, sales and collateral and corporate positioning as well as managing lead assignment in the CRM database system.

I am confident that the breadth and variety of work that I have undertaken to date (admittedly in a limited sphere) together with the successes that I have achieved will certainly enable me to ‘add value’ to the program. I have also learned much from the occasional frustrations and failures that have happened along the way, which I have always carefully analyzed to draw appropriate lessons. I can certainly provide one or two useful lessons in ‘what not to do’ or ‘how not to do it’. I am especially interested in learning from communication specialists outside the world of marketing to gain the benefits of their insights and experiences that might be applied in my work and hopefully to provide similar benefits to them.

Latina Global Communication Marketing
Latina Global Communication Marketing Personal Purpose Statement Samples

I am interested in pursuing this degree because I am confident that it will assist me in reaching my career objective of becoming a Marketing Director. I am aware that corporate communication is an increasingly essential element in business strategy and that demand for professionally qualified specialists is growing. However, this is not the only reason for this application, I am genuinely fascinated by a subject which combines fact-based science with the art of subtle interpretive, intuition, and critical thinking skills, all of which I seek to develop. I wish to become a ‘well rounded’ and educated communications expert and to be as knowledgeable and adept in this vital area of study and work as possible. I see the program as the next logical step in achieving both professional and personal goals. The fact that the specialty is constantly advancing and is a topic about which we can never know everything also engages and retains my interest.

The XXX program is of particular interest because of the diverse backgrounds and skills of a prestigious faculty and the success of its graduates. I also wish to benefit from the challenging but supportive learning environment which the program is reputed to provide. I am seeking a curriculum that is strategic in emphasis and comprehensive in scope and recognize that this is what the program provides.  I am particularly attracted by the program’s recognition of the importance of emerging media in the world of business communications and of effective delegation.  I consider the curriculum to be an ‘ideal fit’ to enable me to reach my goal of directing overall marketing strategy for my company.

I would not be submitting this application had I not very carefully considered the significant commitment of time and effort that will be required of me, especially as I shall be continuing to pursue my career throughout its duration. I can provide a firm assurance that I will participate in the program with enthusiasm and diligence and will seek to excel within it rather than merely succeed in adding further luster to its prestigious reputation.

I am bilingual in Spanish and English and speak a little Cantonese which I learned while working with a Chinese based company. I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people of many ethnic and social backgrounds and enjoy learning about other cultures. I frequently travel to Mexico and have also visited China and Europe for social and professional purposes. I am a confident and friendly person blessed with a well-developed sense of humor. I am an animal lover and have been active in volunteer work related to animal fostering, placement and in educating low-income families in the importance of spaying and neutering of their pets, especially among low-income Spanish speaking communities. It is my intention to apply my skills and knowledge for the benefit of animal charities in the future and hope that the program will enable me to be more effective in these voluntary activities as well as in my work.

Thank you for considering my application. 

Latina Global Communication Marketing Personal Statement


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