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MSc Accounting and Finance Personal Statement UK, Arab

MSc Accounting and Finance Personal
MSc Accounting and Finance Personal Statement UK, Arab Example, Writing and Editing Service

Still only nineteen, I am a young Egyptian woman who has always taken my studies very seriously and this is why I have always excelled. Although I was raised in Egypt, I now live in Norwich, UK where I am diligently preparing myself to enter your program. I have my heart set on studying at XXXX University because it is the finest school in the world. While I am keenly excited about the entire curriculum, I am particularly looking forward to doing specialized and in-depth research in Corporate Finance.

My short-term goal after completing your program is to work as a corporate financier for one of the top firms in my country, Egypt. For the long term, I plan to build a long and highly productive career as a consultant. In addition to Arabic and English, I also speak French quite well and this is important to my cosmopolitan mindset and plans for building a highly international practice. My interest in involving myself in international affairs is testified to by my volunteer work in college with South African Student Support, raising money to go to charities in South Africa. Each term we were able to send 1500 pounds to a different worthy project.

I am an extremely hard worker and a diligent student who believes in giving something back to those in need and this is why I also spent countless hours volunteering with the XXXX Volunteering Group during my school days, visiting orphanages and interacting with the children, helping them to furnish and decorate their classrooms. Furthermore, I also held the post of Treasurer for the International Student Society, and this helped me to develop excellent teamwork building and leadership skills by organizing our committee meetings and competitions as well as keeping track of all our financial transactions and helping to increase our membership by 20%.

 My intense study regimen and volunteer activities are further complemented by my professional work experience since I had the privilege of completing an Internship with the XXXX Bank, a Greek bank operating in Giza, Egypt. I processed customer withdrawals and deposits, opened and closed accounts, verified cheques, set up direct debits and loans, and performed credit and balance checks. This position helped me to develop a dedication early on to the importance of accuracy and attention to detail. I have become adept at processing large volumes of data quickly with remarkably elevated levels of accuracy.

MSc Accounting and Finance Personal
MSc Accounting and Finance Personal Statement UK, Arab Examples, Purpose Help, Writing Service

Since coming to England, I have continued to work ridiculously hard and enhance my professional capacities through my employment as a Customer Service Assistant at XXXX in Norwich. I help to maintain extremely high store standards in a variety of ways, working at the tills, assisting customers with their shopping, taking care of deliveries and monitoring stock movements. I have learned how to develop an excellent rapport with customers and communicate tactfully with colleagues, especially when dealing with demanding situations. I cope well under pressure and have been able to put what I have learned in college to effective use managing our stocking systems.

 While still in Egypt, I especially enjoyed serving as an Assistant to an accounting professor at XXXX School where my duties included not only correcting assignments and tutoring students but also assisting in the development of lesson plans. This position helped me to enhance my knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures as well as learning how to skillfully communicate highly technical information in a way that students could easily understand it.

MSc Accounting and Finance Personal
MSc Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Enhancement for Admission

I am an incredibly determined and highly motivated professional who has always worked and studied extremely hard. At only seventeen, I was able to successfully cope with living alone in what was initially a strange culture for me when I first arrived in the UK. Prior to that time, I had never been away from my family; nevertheless, I was still able to achieve outstanding grades in my first and second year of university even though I was studying under a vastly different educational system that what I had been accustomed to in Egypt.

I am a cosmopolitan woman who very much appreciates exposure to diverse cultures and intellectual perspectives on our global economy. I have traveled to Spain, Syria, and Sri Lanka in the past two years, and this has helped me to developed advanced understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and societal perspectives. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program and helping to combat what I see as negative stereotypes of Arab woman. I am especially passionate about finance and completing your program will enable me to return home to Egypt armed with the excellent tools that will help me to successfully aid our Egyptian economy to grow and develop and grow.

Thank you for considering my application to your program.

MSc Accounting and Finance Personal Statement UK, Arab


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