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MS Accounting Personal Statement of Purpose Help Samples

MS Accounting Personal
MS Accounting Personal Statement of Purpose Help Examples

My plans for graduate research in the field of Accountancy spring from my Polish heritage, where I have come from, and all that I have seen in nation struggling to define itself as part of the EU.  Thus, I have a passion for the discovery of innovative methods in accounting and emerging financial issues in Eastern Europe. While I hold a graduate degree in marketing and management, I need to conduct more specific research into contemporary accounting issues, and particularly from an American standpoint.

For the future, post-graduation, aside from becoming certified as a public accountant, I envision working as an auditor, bringing my years of scholastic achievement and research to bear to ensure that firms are running as efficiently as possible.  The ideal would be to provide consultancy services, focusing on budget analysis and financial and investment planning.  I hope to be in an advantageous and marketable position, having completed my education on two diverse continents, with cross-cultural competency and proficiency in three languages.  Working for one of the Big Six, traveling to Poland and Eastern Europe, I can connect and communicate easily and effectively with diverse clients, a crucial component of the business world.  With my European background and travels, I am sympathetic to and completely appreciate the priorities of European businesses. 

Well-rounded professionals, with worldviews shaped by an international education and experiences are needed to enhance and streamline the business world in Eastern Europe.  Enhancing my education by earning the MS Degree at ____ University will enable me to bring my dreams to fruition of helping Eastern European nations like Poland to rise to the competitive level of business in Western Europe.

MS Accounting Personal
MS Accounting Personal Statement of Purpose Help Samples

Even as a little girl, my father, a patient and knowledgeable managing director of an engineering firm, always impressed upon me the need to practice and develop my skills in math; I adored math, so it came easily to me. Practicing math an hour a day and two hours on Sunday was effortless.  I credit my father with laying the seeds for my logical and analytical mind.  As I grew, my father showed me that math and finance were interlinked, and that there was always a solution.  I was fascinated when I discovered ways of reaching the same solution through different methods.  It is my hope that American schools will allow me to reach my potential and refine my skills in an atmosphere that appreciates hard work and diligence.

 During my undergraduate and graduate studies, my strong quantitative and analytical abilities helped me to grasp the basics of the financial analysis of companies quickly.  I was eager to increase my depth of understanding and my graduate projects allowed me to demonstrate my prowess. Focusing on financial conditions, investment analysis, and the overall activity of companies, I was amazed at the wealth of information that could be gleaned from just a few financial statements.  My undergraduate thesis centered on the issue of financing an enterprise’s investment projects, and utilized a local example, the company Delphi’s chassis system in Krosno, Poland.  Through a highly structured, three-prong investigation into the company, I was able to evaluate its overall financial condition.

MS Accounting Personal
MS Accounting Personal Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing

Building on my undergraduate research foundation for my master’s thesis, I turned to a more ambitious project, analyzing the industrial restructuring of the oil-gas sector in Poland as it transitioned to privatization, focusing on the companies “Naftomet” and PNIG.  By using Naftomet as the backdrop for my analysis, I was able to map out how contemporary changes affected the business culture in Poland and was able to create a three-year forecast with great accuracy concerning sales revenue and employment statistics as our restructuring process unfolded and evolved.

I want to help companies analyze where their financial problems lie and how to resolve them and teach them how to reach out to diverse clients and interact effectively with people of all cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, and creeds. Professional engagement has always kept my analytical, quantitative, communication and organizational skills alive and well practiced.  The last eleven years have seen me fully engaged in insurance work, bookkeeping, and accountancy, always reinforcing my abilities. Now I am eager to immerse myself fully in an academic program and research for the future.

I am proud of my academic performance and having earned a scholarship for my studies in Poland, and my community involvement in Krosno. I treasure the times I was able to help raise funds for the Christmas Charity Foundation, and working with the Great Orchestra, especially helping to bring innovative technology to a pediatric hospital.  My academics and future career path reflect this as well, my unwillingness to forget where I have come from, and my passion for helping others succeed.  I feel privileged to have come this far, despite the trials and the long odds against me, achieving my ambitions while still helping my family in Poland.

 I look forward to my time with XXXX University with great eagerness.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

MS Accounting Personal Statement of Purpose Help Samples


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