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International Affairs Masters, Diplomatic Career, Human Rights

International Affairs Masters Statement of Purpose Samples
International Affairs Masters, Diplomatic Career, Human Rights Personal Statement

My great grandparents were originally from Dresden, Germany; not even Jewish, they saw a firestorm brewing in their country in the late 1930s and escaped to America just in time. Most of their relatives would die a few years later in the firebombing. Mature for someone still 20 years old, I trace the launch of my own political and international sensibilities to September 11th of 2001. Watching the attack and its aftermath made me try to rush adulthood so that I could participate politically and help my country. Since that time, I have immersed myself with the greatest enthusiasm in the study of global history; my heart is trained on the dream, the vision, the goal of becoming a diplomat and representing my country abroad.

 The conflux of international affairs, national security, and human rights represents the apex of my professional interest and passion. My dream is to contribute to society in a positive way, especially by helping to keep our country safe from terrorism and struggling to safeguard what are seen as inalienable human rights, not just in America but abroad as well. I want to be a professional communicator on a diplomatic level, helping to create safer environments for Americans overseas by working to solve political and diplomatic issues and respond to challenges, laboring to create a safer environment for everyone involved, through long term, sustainable diplomatic initiatives.

International Affairs Masters
International Affairs Masters, Diplomatic Career, Human Rights

I would love to work for the UN, the State Department, or even a non-governmental organization, anywhere that I might be able to fully immerse myself in international affairs, national security, and quest for greater levels of recognition and enforcement of human rights. The greatest level of success that I could imagine would be to become the next Hillary Clinton. But I would also be happy to work my way up to a management position with a private security company or human rights organization. I am currently taking classes in International Relations at XXXX University in Scotland as part of a study abroad program for one semester. I have interned with the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress in Washington, D.C., a non-profit organization focused on promoting leadership in executive and legislative branches of our government. In this position, I learned how to think much more creatively about how to generate innovative solutions to current national challenges while I also developed a deep appreciation for the preservation of the historic memory of the Presidency. Whatever I end up doing professionally, I will continue to study history because my greatest joy is the struggle to better understand the successes and failures of American leadership.

I am incredibly competitive and hard-working. There is no harder worker out there than me. Furthermore, I catch on very quickly and I get things done. Most of the praise that I have received has been for my writing skills. My greatest honor during my internship was being selected to write a research paper because the staff was impressed with my writing skills.

 I will be graduating with honors—after only 3 years—from XXXX University in May 2013. Until Christmas, I will remain up to my nose in History, International Relations and Diplomacy, and Conflict Intervention here in Scotland. I have taken several courses involving international affairs such as Transnational Issues and US Foreign Policy.

My main interests are national security and human rights. I am extremely interested in nuclear proliferation and in ongoing conflicts in developing countries in general and the Middle East in particular. I have always been incredibly passionate about women's rights both internationally and domestically and I am a strong advocate for educating and empowering women.

International Affairs Master Statement of Purpose Sample
International Affairs Masters, Diplomatic Career Statement of Purpose Samples

I learned a great deal about myself while volunteering for a month in a rural town in Costa Rica in July of 2010, teaching Basic English and Math to underprivileged children aged 5-11. Having been raised in South Texas and exposed to Spanish since childhood, I was able to communicate with the children well. I also organized and participated in extra-curricular activities, soccer, Frisbee, arts, and crafts. I learned then that I am most comfortable abroad and living, working, thinking in a foreign language. I am so thankful that I am already bilingual, since this will facilitate the acquisition of a third language, Arabic.

I co-founded a tennis camp called XXXX in 2006, teaching underprivileged children from a nearby trailer park and group home the basics of how to play tennis. I have played tennis competitively throughout my life and I had hoped to get a scholarship to play in college until I suffered a severe ankle injury that ended my tennis career.

The Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress was founded by a former NATO Ambassador, Dr. XXXX. I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to work alongside experienced policymakers and former government officials. I conducted extensive research and churned out an enormous amount of policy analysis in support of the Center’s projects. I also helped to organize meetings with public officials, the media, Presidential scholars, and the leaders of NGOs. I assisted with conferences, publications, and public relations outreach.

Of singular importance to me was my 15-page research paper about the politicization of the intelligence community, which focused primarily on the failed intelligence practices of the Bush Administration and the CIA prior to invading Iraq in 2003. It is my experience with the Center that makes me especially confident that I will be able to excel in your rigorous program. I want to thank you for considering my application.

International Affairs Masters, Diplomatic Career, Human Rights


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