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PHD Construction Management Statement of Purpose

PHD Construction Management Personal Statement
PHD Construction Management Statement of Purpose Samples

My father worked in the business of real estate development, and he would frequently take me with him when he went about managing properties. I remember how I once made him laugh sweetly, telling him that building one of these big buildings would not be so difficult since they were much like a big Lego game. He would explain to me how things were much more complex than they first seemed. 


After earning my undergraduate degree in engineering at XXXX University in 2016, I was fortunate to get an excellent job at the XXXX company as a project engineer. This was where I developed a great passion for construction and soon discovered that I found my special joy in project supervision and construction management. Particularly the complex hospital project that we undertook in Riyadh. I especially enjoyed the way that my role in this hospital project was so very much ‘hands-on’ since I supervised every aspect of this enormous undertaking in one way or another.One of the reasons this project inspired me is that it was hands on. I love being able to see what I have built, and this was especially true of this hospital once it was finished.  


The prospect of leading a team of people to create a structure that has the potential to accomplish so many worthy objectives is what drives me forward to excellence every day. After completing your especially distinguished PHD Program in Construction Management at XXXX University, I plan to return to Saudi Arabia and spend the next several decades teaching in my field. something that drives me to work hard. In this way, I will be able to fully maximize my professional contribution to society, making it sustainable. I like to think of my professional life proceeding one construction project at a time, be it a road, a hospital, or a metro. With each achievement, I feel proud of the added value to our community.  


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PHD Construction Management Statement of Purpose

In 2013 I earned a scholarship from the Ministry of Education to pursue my master's degree in construction management in the USA. The principle highlight of this MS Program was designing delivery methods for large infrastructure projects. One of my favorite courses dealt with trenchless technology, which was taught by Professor Samuel XXXX; I especially enjoyed learning about improved and advanced methods of, it was interesting for me due to achieving a better method of excavation that is more efficient and does not affect the surrounding area.   


Following the successful completion of my master's degree at XXXX University, I accepted a position as a Lecturer at the College of Engineering, at XXXX University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My role there involved research, preparation, and the delivery of lectures to undergraduate students in Civil Engineering.  


After teaching at the university for two years, I accepted a job offer from XXXX Investments as a project manager for some of their real estate investment projects. With XXXX I have gone on to manage several real estate projects which have included residential as well as commercial buildings. One special highlight of my work has been my implementation of BIM on our projects, which helped us in discovering potential obstacles that may affect the progress of our projects.


I am proud to have put what I learned in America in my master's program to beneficial use here in Riyadh. Now, I wish to complete my education through to the terminal degree in my field and earn the PHD in Construction Management at XXXX University in preparation for making my maximum professional contribution over the balance of my lifetime. 


PHD Construction
PHD Construction Management Statement of Purpose

I keenly look forward to learning all that I can about Construction Engineering and Management during my PhD studies, I look forward to doing research into the optimization of resource utilization in construction, particularly with respect to the use of information technologies.


My central career goal is to distinguish myself as a researcher back home in Saudi Arabia. I hope that I can contribute to raising standards, and solving the complex problems that face the construction industry in Saudi Arabia. I have financial support from the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia to undertake and complete my PHD degree and I am especially keen to complete my doctoral program at XXXX University. Your department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is world renowned and earning my PHD at your university is my best option for the fullest advancement of my career development.  


After completing my PHD program at XXXX University, I will begin teaching new generations of students of construction engineering and management here in Saudi Arabia, passing on the torch.  Together, we will always be working to solve the complex problems of our day in the industry while always laboring to raise the standards of our practice.  I hope to contribute back to my community as a knowledgeable researcher and a leader in the construction industry in Saudi Arabia.  


Thank you for considering my application to the PHD Program in Construction Management at XXXX University.  


PHD Construction Management Statement of Purpose


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