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Enhancing Arts and Technology Emerging Communication for Grad School

Enhancing Arts and Technology Emerging Communication
Communication Personal Statement for Grad School, Writing and Editing Service

I am an Indian American woman who has always cherished sound, not only music but a broad variety of sounds, their intricacy, delicacy, harmony, and especially their reproduction. Thus, I am a natural for a career in Sound Design because that is where my passion lies. I hope to be accepted to your especially distinguished graduate program in Arts and Technology with a focus on Emerging Communication (ATEC) at the University of XXXX.

I first came to America as a baby, but my parents raised me mostly in the USA. Nevertheless, we were always flying back and forth from India to the US, since Indian families are remarkably close and mine is no exception. This pleases me, especially the fact that I decided to attend and graduate from high school in India (1996-2000) because this resulted in me being fully multicultural as well as multilingual, thus maximizing my potential to contribute to the celebration of diversity, in India as well as the United States.

Enhancing Arts and Technology Emerging Communication
Enhancing Arts and Technology Emerging Communication for Grad School Examples

The especially keen ways that the arts - visual, dance, song, and verse - are appreciated in Indian culture have been passed on to me by my family in both America and India, in addition to the Indian American community. I also excel at IT, and everything related to electronic communication and performance, making great strides towards my goal of becoming a successful multicultural artist and music producer. Thus, I feel confident that I will be able to excel in your distinguished Ph.D. program in the Arts and Technology at the University of XXXX.

I look forward to a long lifetime of inspiring my students and helping them to become highly motivated to pursue their dreams at the intersection of the arts and technology. I especially look forward to engaging in lifelong research into correlations between the arts and technology with an emphasis on sound design. I have already completed several internships in setting up and breaking down sound stages, assisted a sound engineer, and served as stage manager for a play, supervising students on the university level. I keenly look forward to teaching or working at Apple in the design of Audio Software.

I am eager to enhance my knowledge and skills to prepare to dig deeper into research to get ready for the doctoral degree.  I am prepared to take these classes at the graduate level because I have the basic knowledge and skills that I learned as an undergraduate and can be utilized successfully.  I want to excel in every aspect of this program and continue my education by attaining a PhD in Arts and Technology with a special focus or concentration in Emerging Communication (ATEC).

Enhancing Arts and Technology Emerging Communication
Emerging Communication for Grad School, Enhancing Arts and Technology

If I am accepted in the program, I would be particularly honored to learn from XXXX who specializes in media effects, media psychology, children and media, identity, and self-development. I was intrigued by her research on how the role of media correlates to the socialization of young people in contemporary societies. I am particularly fascinated by Sound Design, Interactive Design, and Networked Cultures.  Given my background and cultural diversity, I am confident I would be an asset to your university.

My intense passion, sheer curiosity, and drive give me something valuable to offer your program. I love technology and I am well-read in most if not all the areas of technological advancement that are related to the arts, especially sound. I will be graduating this coming December of 2017 from XXU with my bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary arts and performance. I am currently enrolled in an independent study with one of my professors in which I will produce an album. Eating, sleeping, and breathing classes in Conceptual Development, Art of War and Digital Interactivity, I am also working on my Senior Project. I profoundly hope to become a member of your academic community at the University of XXXX devoted to exploring and creating on the frontiers of art and technology and I thank you for considering my application.

Enhancing Arts and Technology Emerging Communication for Grad School


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